Obama Champions Muslims While Denigrating Christians

Obama Champions Moslem Terrorists by Comparing today’s savage moslem terrorists to the Christian crusades & Spanish Inquisition


On February 5, Dennis Prager, LA talk show host on radio station, KRLA, stated Obama used a recent prayer breakfast to seemingly defend the savage moslem terrorists currently killing innocents all over the world, by implying their evil actions are comparable, in some way, to the Christian crusades and the Spanish Inquisition of a thousand years ago.

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This is not the thinking and speech of an American. Certainly not an American president.

Of course, everyone is talking about Obama’s outrageously wrong comments such as “…get on your high horse…” as his demeanor and language dishonor and disgrace the office he is not fit to hold and the entire country and its citizens.

His petulant speech essentially asserting…”They did it, too” – is beyond belief that any politicians in command of his faculties could behave with such disloyalty.

This is a disgrace to all Americans.

ObamaroarOn its face, Obama’s locution is outrageous, infantile in the extreme, and offensive to today’s Christians, many of whom are being slaughtered by evil moslem terrorists, having their churches burned and their lives destroyed.

Obama counts on people ignorant of history to use his remarks to excuse the vicious actions of moslem terrorists today. However, Western history has many examples of moslem attacks on the Western World, beginning in the 7th century.

In fact, the Crusades, beginning 1099, were defending European Christians against the incursions of moslems across Europe. They occupied parts of Spain for 800 years.

Further, the reasons for the Age of Sea Exploration was to overcome the moslem attacks and blockages of European pilgrims and merchants trekking across Europe to the Middle East. Land routes were blocked and pilgrims were being killed by moslems, so Europeans looked to the sea to find another way to the Middle East and the Indies.

January 1492 – a familiar year – the last of the moslems were expelled from Granada, Spain. They had established universities and added to the knowledge of the world. Why haven’t they done that in following centuries instead of vowing to kill all non-moslems?

Once Spain was free of the moslems, the Spanish monarchs were finally able to engage with the long-proposing seaman, Christopher Columbus. He acted on his own; no one gave him the commission to find another route to the Indies. He was essentially an American-style entrepreneur. He conceived of the expedition and executed it, miraculously sailing across the unknown “Ocean Sea” to reach an unknown land, thereby opening the Western World to improvements in agriculture, medicine, health and other benefits of the Columbian Exchange.

Throughout history, there have been examples of moslem intentions to subdue the non-moslem world to their Sharia Law. They state the same intentions today in various media. They are following the directive in which they believe to ” kill the infidel.”  This is not a movement to be engaged with logic or diplomacy. There is no argument which can be made to the terrorists that would trump their belief they kill as directed by their religious book.

What is Obama thinking?

How is he thinking?

He is not thinking like an American.

Or even a Westerner.

He is thinking as a moslem would and his language is defending what is indefensible.

All intelligent persons – Americans & others – must use their JUDGMENT, ABANDON POLITICAL CORRECTNESS,  TO CONDEMN OBAMA AND HIS DEFENSE OF THE MOSLEM TERRORISTS WITH WHOM HE OBVIOUSLY FEELS KINSHIP. Politicians must stop covering up Obama’s treasonous expressions, actions and lies.

Obama muslimThe Obama record is clear…in numerous instances he has championed moslem terrorists…protecting them with his lies.

By delaying military rescue in Benghazi, four Americans were sacrificed to the moslem terrorists. Then Obama got on a plane the next morning to go collect money for his reelection, sure his lies about a video being the cause of the Benghazi attack would hold…and they did. Benghazi makes no sense because it was founded on lies.

No one has been brought to account for four dead Americans at Benghazi.

Releasing five murderous terrorist commanders from Gitmo is not the act of a president committed to protecting the homeland. Who was appeased by such action? Who benefited?

And that Rose Garden show with Bowe Bergdahl’s parents was repulsive to Americans, especially those with family members in the military. A military deserter was exchanged for FIVE terrorists? Where’s the rationale for such wanton disregard for the security of the USA?

The roll call of persons of the Muslim Brotherhood, widely acknowledged as connected to terrorists, as published by major newspapers, remains in place in the White House.

What “permission” are Americans waiting to receive to see and acknowledge the disaster the “Chicago Machine” foisted on an unsuspecting American citizenry? He “looked” like the person they were seeking for fifty years to delude voters a new era would dawn. The evidence of his Marxist leanings were available had anyone looked.

When will Congress address the totality of Obama’s actions which have disadvantaged America and its citizens? The agenda to bring Marxist programs into the country to weaken and degrade America’s values is well underway – Obamacare, Common Core, etc.

He has unlawfully assisted 20-30 million – not the 4 million stated – criminals/illegals to steal more American treasure. Breaking into the US without permission is a crime. Therefore, all are criminals/illegals. Talk show host Laura Ingraham is on target…deportation of criminals/illegals is the only way to gain control of the country and arrest the mexicanization of the USA.

The prayer breakfast comments go beyond incredulity.

Someone would have to be completely delusionally attached to moslem brothers in order to take leave of decency and the appearance of suitability to the office of president to denounce Christians as on a par with moslem brutality beginning from the 7th century and continuing today.

America cannot endure another two years of this destructive anti-American agenda.

Congress must make it a priority to unmask and unseat him.

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