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A Note to the Mean Gas Station Attendant

To the gas station attendant


You were horrible to me today.

I don’t know why, but I can only guess that you have been listening to the president.

He has been lying to you.  I am not the enemy and being horribly unkind to white people isn’t going to make you feel any better.  In fact, it is only going to make things worse.

But, Obama had to incite race and class warfare to distract you.  He had to tell you that I am the enemy.  Otherwise, you would be hell bent on defeating our real enemies.

See, I am not the enemy.  But, a real enemy is out there.  This enemy bears no similarity to Americans and has no common interests with us.

This enemy hates bacon.  Seriously.  It makes me sad just thinking about it.  Muslim cab drivers won’t pick up American riders if they have just been shopping and have pork products in their bags.

This enemy hates dogs.  The most beloved American pet, most of us consider our dogs part of the family.  In Muslim countries, you can get 70 lashes for having a dog.

This enemy hates homosexuals and kills them, period.

This enemy has no respect for women.  The idea of equality is laughable.  They don’t even consider women to be people.  They rape, mutilate, beat and stone women and there is nothing that women can do about it.

This enemy hates America and all of our freedoms.  And, they are coming for us, you and me.

It is so easy to see this enemy!  It took a lot of smooth talking, in this land of unlimited opportunity, to convince you that you don’t have enough.  We are not the same, but we have the same opportunities, as Americans.  We absolutely need to stick together, all Americans do.

You have been tricked, you have taken your eyes off the real enemy.

It isn’t me.

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Julie Love

Julie Love is a former CPA who currently home-schools her two children. She earned her MS in Journalism from Ohio University in 2002. She was raised in rural Ohio and now lives in the big city of Cleveland.
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