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Can America Defend Itself Against Sharia Law?

There is a great amount of fear that Sharia law will make its way to the United States. Efforts are underway to stop it. What legal/moral standard will be used to determine why Sharia Law should not be implemented? What is the foundation of law in the United States? Does anybody know?

The Constitution doesn’t tell us. The Constitution contains little moral prescription even though Article VI states, “This Constitution . . . shall be the Supreme law of the land.” But there’s not much law, other than procedural law, in the Constitution. It tells us how the national government is to work in terms of authority and its relationship to the states. There are no prohibitions against murder, rape, stealing. These moral prohibitions are assumed.

The Preamble begins with “We the people.” But we’ve seen how the courts have overturned the will of the people on the question of same-sex marriage. More than 30 states have ruled that same-sex marriage should not be permitted. Judges have dismissed the will of the people and the law-making efforts of the legislature.

sharia lawThe framers mistakenly believed that there was no need to acknowledge an independent and objective body of law since natural law — “the laws of nature and of nature’s God” — was almost universally accepted. The belief system was written into the Declaration of Independence and acknowledged in the Constitution.

This is why Clarence Thomas could write: “We look at the Natural Law beliefs of the founders as a background to our Constitution.”[1] The left-leaning members of the committee took exception to Thomas’s natural law beliefs. Joseph Biden – yes, that Joseph Biden – wrote an article that appeared in the Washington Post[2] in which he claimed the following for his version of natural law:

  • It does not “function as being a specific moral code regulating individual behavior.”
  • It is not “a static set of unchanging principles.”
  • It is “an evolving body of ideals.”

Note Biden’s appeal to evolution. Natural law as it was constructed throughout the centuries died in 1859 with the publication of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. “Charles Darwin destroyed natural law theory in biological science. . . . His successors destroyed natural law theory in social science. In the 1920’s, quantum physics destroyed natural law theory in the subatomic world. This immediately began to undermine modern legal theory.”[3]

Natural Law in the West was formulated by reading the world through the lens of the Bible. Once the Bible was dismissed and evolution accepted, Natural Law had lost its moral foundation. Natural Law became the law of the jungle.

An evolving law means a flexible law that can be manipulated by whoever’s in power. If Muslims gain power in the United States, as they are doing, then they could change America into an Islamic Caliphate bound by Sharia law. Sharia law can advance in the West because Western law is morally bankrupt.


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