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California “PARENT-TRIGGER” law: Enabling illegal immigrants to take over taxpayer-funded schools?

Talk about unintended consequences of ill-conceived California laws, such as the controversial “parent-trigger” law, which allows parents of “under-performing” schools to literally confiscate taxpayer-funded schools to turn them into charter schools which they control, but do not fund. That remains with American taxpayers. Incidentally, it is students who perform poorly, not the “schools.”

Anaheim’s Palm Lane elementary school has been in the news. Wall Street Journal and Orange County Register ran article reporting some Palm Lane parents are trying to take over the school because it is not performing well.

However, none of the articles illuminated exactly what the school’s faults are. Or most importantly, who are the people leading this action? Are they American citizens? Or illegal immigrants from Mexico and their activists?

Illegal immigrants from Mexico and S. America come into the USA often illiterate in two languages. They speak no English and Mexico has not spent a dime educating them in their own language. Though the second richest person in the world, Mexican Carlos Slim, could fund education for all Mexicans – health care, too.

illegalWith the flood of 20-30 million illegal immigrants into the USA , California – and other USA communities – have seen cities, such as Santa Ana and Anaheim, that once were middle class, with schools the envy of the country, turned into non-English language/American culture wastelands of violence and crime. Santa Ana boasts having entire Mexican towns relocated there. Of course, few bother to learn English. Anaheim’s illegal immigrants have created an environment similar to Mexico’s.People bring with them their habits of living. And often refuse to change, even to learning the language of the USA. Americans have been forced to endure signs, phone service, etc., in Spanish. This is obviously detrimental to the country and its citizens.

The consequences are often dire.

Are American schools and the teachers magicians?

Able to overcome 400 years of Spanish Colonial policies of neglect, and sometimes  abuse, of native populations, in one semester? Parents, lacking English, are of little help to the students, demanding it is the teachers’ job to do it all. Some parents are insisting the schools teach in Spanish…and that has disadvantaged American students. In any case, illegal immigrants have no wish to know or understand American culture. Activists ensure they learn how to demand from American taxpayers.

As to Anaheim Palm Lane School, of course, the students have difficulty. With no English, political correctness forcing Spanish on Americans, instead of English on the illegal immigrants, school teachers have an insurmountable task. What can schools and teachers do with such circumstances?

The answer is “not much.”

illegal-aliensSo now the illegal immigrants and their activists have grabbed onto the California “parent-trigger” law to take over taxpayer-funded schools.

It is a brilliant ploy by the illegal immigrant activists.

The fact that American citizens are being defrauded of the hundreds of billions spent on building schools, training teachers, enhancing learning programs, all so illegal immigrants can go to schools – free of charge, with two free meals a day thrown in – and then complain and execute a coup to take control from citizens.

American citizens have been terrorized into ceding their schools and country to the 20-30 million illegal immigrants…criminals all for breaking the laws…who take everything citizens have created…then demand ownership.

Talk about the nerve of a burglar.

Americans can thank the Marxist/Leftists/Democrats, with plenty of support from racketeering Mexico, for the degrading of American, its schools and every area of its culture.

But PC demands citizens not complain.

Citizens cannot complain about any group which is unfairly infringing on American culture.

Or – they can use this information to go to their local school boards and congressional and local municipal representatives and demand all illegal immigrants be deported, and America, and its schools, be restored to tax-paying citizens.

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