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Americans are, for the most part, perplexed by the unbridled hatred shown by Islamist terrorists toward the West in general, and America in particular. There is no easy short explanation, and the fact that Obama and his administration keep hiding in the bushes, refusing to give voice to what eyes are seeing, doesn’t help the dire situation.

The Middle East is terra incognito for the average American. If anything were known it may have been cloaked in shades of Arabian Nights fairy tales of harems and sultans. In any case, the hideous brutality visited upon individual Westerners, as well as mass murders, such as the attack on September 11, 2001 of the New York World Trade Center, is bizarre and nearly incomprehensible to vast numbers of Western peoples.

Dinesh D’Souza, author and filmmaker’s book and film documentary, “America: Imagine The World Without Her,” illuminated how forces opposed to the West have gained ground through indoctrination into a world view contrary to America’s Founding upon principles of “We the People…”

Actually, World View explains a lot of actions and opinions that may appear to be illogical to ordinary Americans. Those favoring a Marxist view are at odds with American self-reliance – for them the state must be all-powerful.

Obama Joe the PlumberFor example: when Barack Obama told Joe the Plumber in regard to his business, “You didn’t build that,” only those who share the World View which shuns capitalism in favor of collectivism could understand. Self-reliant Americans took offense at the blatant insult denying Joe the plumber was responsible for his success. Of course, he was.

Those who are using all their powers to increase government control are in opposition to America’s Founding and the values of millions of citizens.

Citizens believe each person is responsible for himself/herself and their family and that welfare should not be a permanent condition, but only used in dire circumstances. Obama obviously sees it differently as he continues to wildly spend money the country doesn’t have. He apparently doesn’t care. He’ll be out of office in less than two years, raking in big bucks from speaking engagements, while citizens, their children and grandchildren are stuck with the trillions in debt he created to buy votes for his party.

Those on the Left want permanent control over people and use all sorts of bribes disguised as welfare, school lunches, and other freebies to subvert the framework of American civic structure.

Anaheim, California, schools – and others in S. California – are now giving three free meals a day to students…and often the mothers show up to take extra home for themselves…a story in the OC Register quoted a student, “we get upper, too, so our family doesn’t have to buy us food.”  Yet, food stamps are also given way.

The Left plays on the lowest instincts of human beings…greed, laziness, envy and criminal actions. The 20-30 million criminals/illegals – most from Mexico – are actually thieves who break into the USA to take what citizens created for themselves and their families. They harvest hundreds of billions from US citizens and politicians pander to them for their votes, leaving US citizens to suffer abuse from invaders.

illegal-aliensThe US government showers criminals/illegals with taxpayers’ money to buy their votes. Mexico’s decades of racketeering, exporting illegal drugs, guns and people into the USA for the purpose of subversion and profit is aided and abetted by government and not stopped and punished.

Ask an average American student if he knows where to get drugs…Yes.

Ask that same student if his grandfather knew where to get them…No.

That is the result of Mexico’s subversive economic and cultural rape of the USA. But you’ll not see any news reports on that. Not even the esteemed Judicial Watch has taken aim at stopping the racketeering of Mexico. No one has.

In fact, there’s a strong movement to not punish at all. Schools are battlegrounds where the feds are taking action to stop expelling or other punishments for bad actions. The excuse is that as more black students are punished it must be racial discrimination. When it usually is not.

Americans are under siege from the THREE M’s…Marxism, Muslim terrorists and Mexico’s racketeering. The federal government is disgraceful in its current lack of action.

Karen Armstrong’s 1988 book, “Holy War – The Crusades and Their Impact on Today’s World” is worth looking into. A former Roman Catholic nun, who was awarded the 1999 Muslim Public Affairs Council Media Award, she covers in detail various aspects of Muslim culture including the hatred of the West.

Sadat, Begin, CarterA pivotal time in the Middle East was the Camp David Accords signing, September, 1978, by Egyptian president Anwar El Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin with US President Jimmy Carter witnessing, in USA.

Armstrong writes, “When Anwar Sadat signed the Camp David treaty he was signing his own death warrant.”

Sadat was assassinated Oct. 6, 1981 by four Egyptian Islamic Jihadists.

According to Armstrong, when one assassin was asked if he had considered the effect his action would have…he replied, “I thought only of God.”

To the enlightened mind, the belief that a god would direct murders is unthinkable. And that is the reason Americans and the West are failing to marshal an effective strategy to defeat the enemy. That and the lack of proper lawful leadership.

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