Obama Supports Corrupt Mexico Causing Harm to Americans

Instead of denouncing Mexico’s decades of racketeering, exporting illegal drugs, guns and poor people to the United States of America for the purpose of subversion and profit, Obama is supporting that corrupt nation and its arrogant president. While American citizens are suffering economic and cultural abuse from Mexico’s racketeering, there are massive protests in Mexico over the kidnapping of 43  young Mexican students.

In a recent Associated Press article, Obama states he’s standing with Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto who has done nothing to learn the fate of 43 victims,  apparently kidnapped by Mexican police, September 26, and allegedly turned over to a Mexican drug gang.

The AP story identifies the gang  – “…rules parts of the southern Mexican state of Guerrero.” There has been no trace of the students and, the article states, they are presumed dead.

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As Obama hosted the Mexican president in the White House protesters outside in Lafayette Park, were demanding to know what happened to the students. They were yelling so loudly they could be heard in the Oval Office, on the opposite side of the mansion.

Obama MexicoThe article linked the abductors of the students to Mexican officials and police in league with a drug cartel. The White House protesters were fewer in number than the massive protests in Mexico demanding Nieto’s ouster and investigation of the kidnappings.

Obama is quoted in the article, “…our commitment is to be a friend and supporter of Mexico in its efforts to eliminate the scourge of violence and the drug cartels that are responsible for so much tragedy inside of Mexico.”


Mexico is no friend to the American people.

It has a 400 year history of corruption as vestiges of Spanish Colonial oppressive policies.

Last year Mexico and its president stood by and enabled tens of thousands of invading illegals to use trains and other transportation to pass through hundreds of miles of Mexico to break into the USA. These illegals were not stopped or helped by Mexico in any way nor were they sheltered there…a logical choice as they share language and culture.


Mexico helped these invaders storm the border forcing American citizens/taxpayers to bear the burden of tens of thousands of criminals/illegals.

The US government has lied to citizens and surreptitiously placed these border crashers in communities against the will of the people.

American people have suffered by having thousands of illegals settled in interior communities where citizen are forced to educate, accommodate and medicate them…Mexico did NOTHING for them.

illegalsIn fact, Mexico has actively worked against the USA by pushing its poor people into the USA where taxpayers must expend hundreds of billions on their upkeep. Then these “poor people” send back  $40-50 BILLION yearly to their beloved Mexico. A profitable scheme for corrupt Mexico.

Mexico is no friend. It is a racketeering parasite and has gotten away with it for forty years…as no doubt plenty of politicians on both sides of the border have profited from this scheme that has wrecked American cities, education, hospitals and THE RULE OF LAW.

When criminals/illegals break into the USA they bring with them their habits of violence, crime, disrespect for the law, hatred of America and its citizens. They cause disruption of civic calm and put a burden on law enforcement and prisons.

Orange County, CA jails are filled with Mexican gang leaders who are known to control street gangs from inside the prisons.

So what is Obama saying…he’s supporting this malignant nation which has caused so much harm to America and its citizens.

But then, Obama has spent his entire term in office befriending America’s enemies and stiffing its allies.

Americans must take action.

Do not expect the new Congress to do what needs to be done.

The Republicans in Congress have already shown their weakness and inability to show courage and vision.

John Boehner is a weeper, not a stalwart defender of America.

Shame on him for leading the action to fund Obama’s harmful policies instead of allowing the new Congress to make changes.

Citizens must fight to save America.

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