Eric Holder Covers Up for the NSA


Do you remember when the President said, “We don’t have a domestic spying program… What we do have is some mechanisms that can track a phone number or an email address that is connected to a terrorist attack…That information is useful.”

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Well, we already busted him on the lie that “we don’t have a domestic spying program,” because we do. Now, we have hard evidence that the second half of that statement is also a bold faced lie too. Eric Holder was facing down some serious questions from a gaggle of Democrat Senators and Representatives who’ve just realized that the Obama administration is full of lying liars. (It’s nice to see that it’s not just conservatives recognizing this anymore!) So what did he do? He did what comes naturally, Eric Holder covers up.

obamaspyWhat would have these eight senior Democrats so worried that they would be reinforcing Republican fears of a despotic Obama regime? Apparently the NSA has been super-secretly passing off information they dig up with their domestic spying program to IRS, FBI, Homeland Security and DEA agents. Moreover, the information being passed around from the NSA to these groups has nothing to do with terrorism. This secret spying, while no problem to a segment of the population who welcomes the government being involved in every aspect of their lives – clearly violates the First and Fourth Amendment. The only reason the NSA has had any kind of cover up until now was their weak, “We’re fighting terrorism” argument.

If the NSA domestic spying program is doing more than working to fight terrorism – then all of a sudden we are clearly living in a police state.

The Democrat Senators wrote a letter expressing their concern to Attorney General Eric Holder, who is charged to ensure that things like this don’t happen. “These allegations raise serious concerns that gaps in the policy and law are allowing overreach by the federal government’s intelligence gathering apparatus,” the letter from the Senators says. Moreover, some internal documents the Senators have gotten a hold of show that DEA agents are trained to “reconstruct” another evidence trail to make it seem as if the investigation did not start with a tip from the NSA but with an altogether different impetus. For example, agents said in interviews, they act as if a drug investigation began with a traffic stop for speeding or a broken taillight, instead of a tip passed from the NSA. An IRS document describes a similar process for tax agency investigators.”

I have to say this again because I think this new information could very easily just be lost in the shuffle. If this report is correct (and since it comes from Democrats against a Democrat administration – it probably is), then the Obama administration has been using the NSA to create a police state in the United States. police_state11The NSA has essentially been wiretapping, eavesdropping, and investigating all of us for years. When they find information that could be useful to another agency, they pass it off and tell the receiving agency to never reveal their source… because this would be a heinous breach of our Constitutional rights as American citizens. We have all been under surveillance for years, ostensibly to protect us from terrorists, but it sounds like the NSA spy program has been a lot more efficient at putting Americans behind bars than it has been at stopping terrorist attacks from outside sources.

Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) puts it lightly when he says, “I think we need to have a very careful examination of this. I think that the trust of the American people in their government is what’s at stake here.”

Folks – the NSA domestic spying program is the difference between us living in a free society and us living in a fascist police state.

We freaking live in a police state. Does anyone care?

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