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The Creeping Fascism of Liberal Ideology

All too often on this website (and on Facebook, Twitter and other mediums) some readers take me to task for calling liberals fascists as opposed to communists. I worry that even we on the right have allowed the media and our liberal education outlets to corrupt our thinking on what words mean.

See, liberals can be both fascist and communist, my friends. And those of us on the right… we don’t have to be fascist. The Nazis were fascists and they were also socialists. Let’s not be either.

We at Eagle Rising HATE fascism – but we get called fascists on a daily basis and it really does confound me. We don’t display any of the indicators of fascism!

We really do believe that the government should have so little power that the day to day goings on in Washington won’t matter to most of us living outside the capitol. Sure, we’re social conservatives, but we’re not trying to outlaw behavior we don’t like. We love our country, but distrust our government. We’re patriotic, but we can be the first to admit that our country can do bad things (just look at the last 6 years)!

Meanwhile, all around us, liberals seem to be pushing hard for a new fascist system ruled by oligarchs in Washington, D.C.

liberal fascism

The latest example was birthed from the bowels of Obamacare. We tried to warn you — socialized medicine means that the government would start regulating normal human behaviors – but still Obamacare passed. See, socialized medicine means that since everyone has to pay for everyone’s healthcare, everyone’s health becomes everyone’s business. If I am paying your medical bill, then I expect you to live a “healthy” lifestyle… or what I perceive to be a “healthy” lifestyle. Don’t smoke, don’t overeat, don’t drink, don’t engage in risky behaviors… because I have to foot the bill.

The Obamacare fascists desperately want to regulate your behavior. Desperately.

Recently, an article that Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber wrote back in 2010 resurfaced and it gives us the perfect example of this liberal fascism at work. The title of his piece is “Taxing Sin to Modify Behavior and Raise Revenue.” It’s literally a perfect storm of liberal hypocrisy and disgusting government fascism.

I’d really like to talk about the stupidity and immorality of the sin tax… but I won’t get into that here. (You can read about it in this past piece though.)

fat taxHere’s the money quote that should bother most Americans…

Ultimately, what may be needed to address the obesity problem are direct taxes on body weight. While it is hard to conceive of this approach being a common public policy tool in the near term, such taxation may be happening indirectly through health insurance surcharges. Currently, employers may charge up to 20 percent higher health insurance premiums for employees who fail to meet certain health-related standards, such as attaining a healthy BMI. The new health reform legislation increases this differential to 30 percent, with the possibility of rising to 50 percent.


That’s right, he just said ‘let’s tax fat people for being fat.’

Forget the fact that the overweight are already likely paying more taxes because they are consuming more food. Gruber’s problem comes because overweight people need more medical care, in general. Liberals wanted the socialist healthcare model, and now that they have it, they are looking for ways to “fix” problems… like fat people, smokers, drinkers, etc.

So if you want a government that dictates what you can and cannot do… down to how you eat… then you might be a fascist. And since most of the people who seem to want the government to do this are liberals, we can deduce that in America most of the fascists happen to be liberals (not conservatives).

Stop letting the media tell you what words mean. The truth of the matter is that most conservatives in America are further from fascism than our liberal counterparts.

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