America Under Attack: Three Ms – Mexico’s racketeering; Muslim terrorists; Marxism

Americans know they are under attack by the THREE Ms: Mexico’s decades-long racketeering; Muslim terrorists and Marxism masquerading as Progressive/Leftism.

Two of the Three Ms are being addressed, while Mexico’s ruthless fifty years of racketeering, exporting illegal drugs, guns and poor people into the USA for the purpose of subversion & profit is ignored. It has made Mexico rich and given the drug cartels more control and filled USA prisons with Mexican criminals.

Illegals bring with them habits of violence, disrespect for authority, hatred of America and greed for what citizens have worked hard to create for themselves…all that has been stolen by Mexico’s racketeering.

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The USA and its citizens have been economically & culturally raped by Mexico’s criminal racketeering – turning entire communities into violent gang-infested barrios, wrecking schools, bankrupting hospitals and spreading disrespect for the rule of law across the land. Yet, there has never been any elected official who has identified this outrageous criminal action harming all Americans. Why?

Who is making money from this racket? It must be lots of people making lots of money.

Why haven’t congressional representatives made efforts to stop this wide-open racketeering?

The definition of racketeering includes…”..obtaining or extorting money illegally or carrying on illegal business activities, usually by organized crime…a pattern of illegal activity carried out as part of an enterprise …owned or controlled by those who are engaged in the illegal activity…”

Obama MexicoMexico has exported illegal guns, drugs and people and reaped millions for its criminal activity. Yet, no American politicians has had the courage to name this criminal action against the American people.

The fact is, Congress and other elected officials have done nothing…in fact, in California, governor Jerry Brown has helped the illegals…costing taxpayers hundreds of billions.

This racketeering is a disaster for Americans. Illegals take their jobs, their schools, their neighborhoods…and now CA is giving illegals driver licenses – the test being taken in Spanish…how can a driver be safe if English signs cannot be read…will Americans be subjected to the same insulting dual language road signs as in grocery and other retail stores?

The Mexican government announced it will provide birth certificates to illegals in the USA so they can take even more taxpayer-funded benefits.

Meanwhile, Carlos Slim, the second richest man in the world, bought a share in the New York Times newspaper, all the better to spread propaganda favoring illegals.

Mexico sends its poor to the USA for citizens to support and gets back $40-50 billion yearly from those “poor people.” Carlos Slim could fund education and medical care for all those poor Mexicans…but why do that when Americans are allowing themselves and their country to be economically and culturally raped?

Citizens expect the newly elected Republicans in Congress to stop Obama’s unlawful amnesty for illegals – adults and young people.

It is nonsense to float the notion that the children of illegals were brought to the USA “though no fault of their own.”



Congress must change the mistaken ruling that allows criminals to have babies in the USA and give them citizenship. NO OTHER COUNTRY DOES THAT.

It is illogical.  Damaging to the country and citizens.

All criminals/illegals deserve to be deported for their own countries to support them…they are not the responsibility of Americans.

Republicans must lead the fight on this in order to save the USA.

CITIZENS DEMAND: Stop Mexican racketeering now.

Deport all illegals.

Save America.

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