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Police Officer Refuses to Arrest Shoplifter – An Act of Kindness

The kindness of one police officer in London, Kentucky has the entire nation buzzing.

Officer Justin Roby responded to a shoplifting call at a Kroger Supermarket in London, Kentucky. When he arrived and spoke to the manager, he realized the situation may not be as black and white as he first assumed. The manager of the store did not want to press charges and Roby didn’t want to arrest the man. The reason?

The man who’d been caught stealing had been trying to take a can of baby formula. Officer Roby quickly learned that he was a single father who’d fallen on hard times. He didn’t have the money to pay for the formula but desperately wanted to feed his hungry 6-month old baby.

“Me citing him for court wouldn’t have done any good for him. He’s already short on money, can’t afford formula, so me making him appear in court, he’s still not going to have any food for that baby,” Officer Roby said.

So Officer Roby (and the store manager) chose to forgive the man’s crime but Officer Roby took it a step further and also paid for the baby formula, so the man would be able to feed his child.

“You put yourself in the situations. I think, ‘Well, what if me and my son, what if this was us?” The kindness of the Police Officer has not gone unnoticed, his story has gone viral and people all across the Internet are taking note.



“I think when [a lot of people] look at us, they see just the uniform and just the car, just the tools that we have on our belt,” Roby said. “But behind the uniform, I’m a human being and I’m a person out in this community just like any of them. I have a little boy. I’m a father just like that gentleman was. We’re not these robots. There’s a human behind the badge.”

Officer Roby also told the single dad that there were many organizations in the community just waiting to help folks like him… even his local police station would be happy to provide his family some support.

Way to go, Officer Roby. Way to go.

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