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African-Americans Shouldn’t Vote Republican – Unless they Want Better Lives!

Chris Matthews said, “I don’t see how anybody who’s African-American would think about voting Republican as long as Reince Priebus is running the show.”

I can think of many reasons why ‘African-Americans’ should not vote Republican.

First, Republicans are generally more anti-abortion. If blacks started voting Republican, black genocide might stop. Better not vote Republican

Second, Republicans are generally more free enterprise oriented. If true conservative economic values were promulgated by the Republicans, there would be more job opportunities for blacks. Certainly blacks would not want more jobs. Better not vote Republican.

Third, Republicans are for school choice. If school choice were implemented, blacks could choose where they would want their children to go to school. I’m sure black parents of school-age children don’t want their children to get a good education. Better not vote Republican.

Fourth, Republicans want to lower taxes for everybody. Lower taxes mean more investing, more money to spend, and a vibrant economy that creates jobs. Blacks certainly don’t want this to happen…
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