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The Vulgar Miley Cyrus

It’s obvious from Miley Cyrus’ over-the-top vulgar performance at last night’s Video Music Awards, that the twenty-year old singer was making one last ditch effort to abandon her wholesome Disney alter-ego, Hannah Montana.

In a pathetic attempt to surpass the shock value of the most predictable Queen of Smut, Lady Gaga, Cyrus failed miserably. Suddenly, her provocative performance on Barclays Center stage, designed to capture the Monday morning headlines, became a secondary story to the real story: the reactions of Cyrus’ fellow performers.

As Cyrus frolicked on stage, simulating sexual acts and crazily flailing her tongue to the welcoming cheers and claps of mindless fans, one might surmise that much of America has lost all sense of propriety.

However, the classic picture-perfect reaction of the popular Smith family captured in an AP photo reminds us parents that it’s OK to be shocked, disappointed, and in the case of patriarch Will Smith, utterly befuddled by brazen crudeness on full display.


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