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Conservative Group Pushing to Force Obama to Save Iraq’s Christians

The folks at the American Center for Law and Justice are not the kind of people who rest on their laurels. They work, and they work hard. They have recently begun a petition drive in an effort to get enough American signatures to force the Obama administration to act in Iraq in favor of Iraqi Christians.

Here’s what they said:

Stop the Genocide of Iraqi Christians

The unthinkable is happening in the Middle East.

The Islamic State, also known as ISIS, has rolled through Iraq, and they are brutal beyond imagining.

They’ve given Iraqi Christians an ultimatum: “Convert, leave, or die.”

christianspersecutedThey’ve marked Christian homes and businesses like the Nazis marked Jewish homes.

Christians are fleeing for their lives by the tens of thousands.

They’ve sought refuge in Kurdistan; but so far the Obama Administration has refused to arm the Kurds, and humanitarian aid is very slow to arrive.

There’s no excuse for delay. After the Holocaust, the world promised “never again.” Never again would it stand aside and watch genocide occur.

Tell the Obama Administration to take action. Arm our allies, the Kurds. Flood humanitarian aid to besieged Christians. We cannot allow genocide in Iraq.

Stop the Genocide of Christians in Iraq

President Obama,

We have allies on the ground ready to protect Christians. Arm the Kurds. There are tens of thousands of desperate refugees. Flood them with humanitarian aid. America must declare to the world that it will not permit genocide of Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities.

Thus far they’ve collected more than 300,000 signatures but they still need more. Perhaps the way to save them isn’t more weapons or soldiers on the ground but some kind of evacuation? Maybe it will require an armed strike and a military escort out of the region. We are becoming a generation inured by genocide. In recent years we’ve seen more than our fair share of attempts at wiping certain groups of people from the world. It has to stop.

To add your voice and signature to the cry – sign the petition here at

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