This is What Happens When Pot Smoking Hippies Run a Country



As I was driving through my neighborhood yesterday, I saw a rainbow colored sign hanging from my neighbor’s house.  In bold letters, it said, “Peace.”

Whenever I see signs like that (or “make love, not war” or “give peace a chance”) and I see a lot of them, I get this mental picture:  I see grown men and women, wearing tie-dyed t-shirts and Birkenstocks.  Their hair is gray, their fingers are shoved firmly in their ears and they loudly yell, “La, la, la, hmm, hmm, hmm!  No one is bad but the US, there is no evil in the world, if we stop fighting the world will be a better place and all wars will end.”

This philosophy, cooked up in a hookah pipe, rolled up in hemp and inhaled deeply has just applied for Medicare and may soon need to be on life support.

It was fine until we put the hippies in charge.  Did you see John Kerry trying to hug French president, Francois Hollande?  CRINGE.  And, I always liked James Taylor.  However, having him sing “You’ve got a friend” as our response to radical Islamic terrorism, you’ve got to be kidding me.  We look like a bunch of idiots.

Can’t you just see the burning bra and hear the chants of kumbayah?

kerry hollandeYes, our diplomacy has now reached its pinnacle, when our hippie leaders, who in no way grasp the realities of this world, actually sing a song and try to give out hugs.  They really don’t understand, they really thought that blaming America for everything would work.  They have been preaching it since the 60s.  If we lay down our weapons, all war will cease.


Well, they got their chance.  The pot-smoking, Ivy League hippies have been in charge for 6 years and guess what?  The world is in complete chaos.  Al-Qaeda is NOT on the run, guys.  Laying down our weapons doesn’t make the world safer.  It opens the door for terrorists to come marching in.

Can we give up the progressive liberal ideology now?  Not one aspect of it works in real life.  The government doesn’t help people, it doesn’t run healthcare well.  The federal government should protect our sovereignty and our national security.

How well is that going?

I will make my plea once again – our economy is in the crapper.  The world is in chaos.  Not one aspect of our lives has gotten better in the past 6 years.  In fact, everything has gotten worse.

We have voted against liberal progressivism in every way that we possibly can and, inexplicably, they are getting more and more liberal.

Liberal progressives, Harvard is still there, you can have your jobs back.  You can smoke as much as you want.  Your ideas didn’t work, they never have and they never will.  Your liberal utopia, with zero conservative intervention for 50 years is Detroit.

Go back to your ivory towers so that we can:

-slash taxes

-deregulate, like, everything

-build up our military

-CLOSE our borders

-deport every illegal alien, just like France does


Don’t worry. It will work, just like it always does.

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