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Dr. Ben Carson Speaks Out on the America MLK Jr. Would Want to See

Dr. Ben Carson is a brilliant man, who, with a little luck and some shrewd maneuvering, just may be the next President of the United States. He also happens to be a black conservative man in a nation where some 90% of the black population votes for liberal candidates. At times he seems to be a fish out of water – or at the very least, a man who cuts against the grain.

On Monday he was being interviewed for CSPAN’s Newsmakers when he was asked about a comment he made a few years ago regarding Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Monday was MLK Jr. Day across the USA.)



CSPAN Question: “A few years ago you wrote that if Dr. King would be able to see America today, you think he would be disappointed by some of the things that he would see in the black community today, do you still feel that way?”

Dr. Carson: “Yes. I do.

If you looked at the trajectory of black community in America from the time of emancipation – it was almost straight up until the mid to late 60’s. Since that time it’s been going down.

A lot of what happened is that a lot of people who considered themselves great and wonderful do-gooders started patting people on the head and said ‘there, there you poor little thing you’ve been through so much, I’m going to take care of all your needs.’ And it has created a cycle of expectation and dependency.

I don’t think that’s what Dr. King wanted. I think what he wanted was a situation where people had a fair and equal chance to develop their God-given talents and to excel and to be contributors rather than need to be taken care of.”


I don’t know what Dr. King would be like politically were he alive today. I do know that both the right and the left revere him and that certain parts of his legacy would argue against him being either conservative or liberal. He was a social conservative and an economic liberal… but I do think that Dr. Carson is right about what Dr. King would hope to see when he looked at the black community.

For too long the government has repressed them; sadly, today they fight against law enforcement for perceived racism… but not against the much more insidious branch of the government that is truly holding them back. Our welfare laws have crippled our nation’s black community and Dr. Carson may be just the man to begin loosening the government’s death grip on black America.

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