Is the Pope a Dope?



Communism promises a fair share to the losers when by definition a loser’s share should be less,                                                                               Which is fair.


Millions of corpses surround the mock justice of Mao and Stalin. They forget that the enemy is outside and kill their own people.


Murder follows faux generosity in a failed system. If you don’t fit in in the theocratic bureaucracy you die. Paranoia, paranoia, how big government loves paranoia.


From each according to his ability, to each according to his need is Marx with a God complex. Even God doesn’t apportion goods. God believes in free will and those who help themselves.


Methinks the Pope is a communist. He gets his pretend-poverty in an uproar about income disparity and redistribution.


I never liked this Pope. He wants to be a saint instead of a churchly bureaucrat.


He says that he’d punch his friend in the nose if he uttered a word against his mother.


And that’s supposed to justify the killings at Charlie Hebdo?


No, he is just saying that it’s dangerous to insult Muslims. But it’s also dangerous to defend jihad.


Islam tears apart the fabric of democracy and turns the world into a communist dictatorship,                                                                                           an autocratic church, a hula hoop spinning around Obama’s chin.


The Pope’s a dope. I hope he realizes the implications of beheadings are on another planet from an insult to his mother.


Heads are in orbit and the Pope talks about  Muslim’s defending their religion.


Obama won’t call radical jihad radical jihad because he is afraid that he will have to do something about it and he wants to be a combination of Chamberlain and Gandhi in a frightening world of nuclear weapons.


The Pope.  Well, maybe we can forgive him.  He wears robes and he was never supposed to fight.


Obama wants to move forward like all good progressive communists.  At least the Pope, a dope, has some sense of tradition and doesn’t worship change. We hope.

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David Lawrence

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