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John Kerry Apologizes to France in the WORST Possible Way

On Sunday, many of the world’s leaders met in Paris to march for unity and in a show of solidarity against the evils of Islamic terrorism. Notably missing from the contingent of world leaders was the USA and our President. The White House missed the signs that this would be an important event, and they did not send anyone to participate in this “Tour de Force” against terrorism and radical Islam. The rest of the week, the Obama administration paid for their mistake by getting beat up in the media both domestically and internationally.

Secretary of State John Kerry (who had been in India when the march took place) finally made it to Paris on Friday. He was there to reassure the French people (and the international community) that the USA was still most assuredly in their corner and that we were very sorry for missing the march on Sunday.

So how did we apologize? Did Kerry show up with a dozen roses and some chocolates? Did he apologize in his best attempt at a French accent? Did he rehash an old Jerry Lewis skit in front of the cameras in an effort to show we still had our sense of humor?

Kerry and James TaylorNo, it was far worse than all of that…

John Kerry brought his old buddy James Taylor to give our nation’s official apology. To say that this may have been the most awkward apology in foreign policy history is probably a HUGE understatement. Instead of simply calling the French and saying, “hey, we’re sorry, we should have been there,” we bring them the sad stylings of James Taylor?

What is this, 1968? Is John Kerry having flashbacks to his return home from Vietnam? Oh boy…

And of course the choice of song was perfect… maybe too perfect?

“You’ve Got a Friend in Me”



While it may have been corny… and more than a little weird, Taylor got a good reception, and the French seem to have accepted our mea culpas. Let’s just hope we don’t see Kerry lugging Billy Joel to his next meeting with the Russians. Or David Hasselhoff the next time he has to apologize to the Germans for spying on them.

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