Obama has Been a Disastrous Failure Leading the War on Terror



Multiculturalism is the wrong direction for modern society despite its popularity and liberal applause.  It is responsible for most of the problems in Europe.  The swelling population of Muslims has shifted the demography and created no-go zones in France.  Instead of taking heed from this, Obama is going in a direction against our interests. He has given amnesty to five million new alien immigrants.  Is he crazy? Or is he malicious under the guise of fake humanitarianism.

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Obama goes straight in the wrong direction.  He was confronted by a failed economy so he ignored any possible ways of improving it and veered off to revamping our medical care. National Medical Care was the least of our priorities, yet he focused his attention there.

Call Obama “Wrong way Corrigan.”  He was supposed to go to California but went instead to Ireland.

obama failHe then veered to climate change with the expense of solar panels, electric cars, denying drilling, fracking and anything that might improve the middle class’s wages.  He traded immediate economic gains for apocryphal climate change which he took seriously like a religion. With his narcissistic emphasis on himself he stated that climate change was caused my humans not the sun and the planets.

When he was confronted with terrorism he again went in the wrong direction and pulled our forces from Iraq, encouraging  Isis.  He refused to recognize the words, “Islamic Terrorism,” because that might force him to realize that we had a real fight on our hands and that he might have to do something about it.  He didn’t want to face terrorism.  The only face he recognized was an about face, leading from behind and turning his behind .

In order to really avoid defining terrorism he called the Fort Hood massacre “workplace violence.”  That, of course, is meaningless.  Terrorism or robbery in the workplace is also violence.  It tells us nothing about what Nidal Hasan said, “Allahu Akbar.”

That he thinks Americans would believe that terrorism is workplace violence is an insult to our intelligence. Of course, the real insult to our intelligence is our lack of intelligence in believing it.

When Obama was faced with his own red line in Syria, he went in the other direction. He never faces the truth because the truth will reveal his true sympathies.  Not that I know what they are but I would say that they are a bouillabaisse of communism, authoritarianism, Islam and croutons of simplistic Alinsky ideology. Hillary Clinton wrote her senior thesis on Saul Alinsky.

The Democratic party has become a blanket to cover communist sympathies. It’s a shame.  It’s a scam.  It’s the jealousy of the little man.

When there was an anti-terrorist march in Paris, Obama stayed home and sent no serious person to attend as he didn’t want to admit that there was such a thing as terrorism.  Seventeen people didn’t die in Paris.  They died in his insistence on neglect.  They died in his lack of heart; in his failure to take earlier stands against Islamic fascism.  In his going golfing right after Foley was beheaded.

And instead of confronting the murders by the Muslims in Paris he walked back into his bag of goodies and offered community college students free tuition so that he could pretend that he was a good guy and an asset to the middle class which he demolished.

Obama muslimObama never faced that he was a Muslim sympathizer. I’m not sure he knows what he is except a spin off of sophomoric socialism. He turned his back on the truth because many of the more intelligent in our country couldn’t accept his love of the morning call to prayer at the mosque so close to 9/11. He never hid that.  He told us at Cairo. It’s embarrassing that he wasn’t impeached immediately.  We’d be so much better off now.

Americans are always straining to be open minded.  They want to accept Muslims.  But I’m not sure that we can think so well when they cut off our heads.

New York did not want to allow a mosque to be built near the sacred ground of Ground Zero.  Our voters have allowed a shadow empathetic jihadism to be seated in the Oval Office.  Obama is a walking mosque.  A religion of failure.  Our enemy hiding behind the teleprompter.

Shame on us.  Not me.  Shame on those of us of liberal persuasions and self-destructive views.

Obama speaks of extremists yet he is extreme in denying everything that would improve this country.  It all started with his lack of focus on the economy and the failing evolution of Omacare.

I can no longer watch him on television. I turn the channel.  His lies halo around him like a devil’s ring.  The only thing positive I can say about him is that he is black.  I give him credit for leading his people to power.  I discredit him for undercutting their goodness and betraying us with his consistent lies, the most famous being that we can keep our doctors and our insurance policies.

Melville’s Bartleby the Scrivener used to stare at a wall. I stare at a wall—at Obama.  Obama stares at a wall—his own ideology.  He refuses to do anything productive.

He is not a rock star.  He is a rock.

John Donne said that “No Man is an Island.”  Of course he died long before the narcissist, Obama, became our embarrassing president and contradicted Donne’s line.

Maybe it’s not nice to undermine our president.  Maybe it’s worse for the president to undermine his country.

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David Lawrence

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