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Horrible Abortion Advocate Attempts to Use Bible to Justify Baby Murder

An anonymous author (OllieGarkey) over at the very ultra-liberal and anti-Christian Daily Kos thinks he has finally answered those who believe that killing unborn babies is murder. How can it be, he “reasons,” because unborn babies are not breathing? He spends paragraph after paragraph trying to defend his abortion points. He even quotes several Bible passages in defense of his position and leaves others untouched.

Of course, when you dig down into the article, the anonymous author doesn’t care about anything the Bible says on any subject, much less on what it might have to say about the abortion issue.

He writes that “fundamentalists who talk about how the bible is the foundation for their faith” should be thought of as  “dangerous moron[s].”

But the idea that the Bible teaches that life begins only when a baby takes in air through his or her lungs is preposterous. Babies in utero are getting oxygen during the entire nine months of their time in their mother’s womb.

In addition, there are passages in the Bible where babies are self-consciousness in utero.
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