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President Obama announces “Free” Community College; says “This is not a Free Lunch”

The President announced his plans for providing “free” Community College to anyone willing to “work for it.” My guess is that the “work for it” line means that there will be some kind of GPA minimum involved… but my real question is about the “free” part. President Obama understands that this can’t possibly be free, right? Anytime the government says that they will provide something for free – you do understand that what they actually mean is that YOU (the Taxpayer) will be footing the bill for the government’s plan, don’t you?

In fact, this little speech from the President makes him sound like some education fairy, happily handing out free education. But the reality is that the President has decided that he is going to take BILLIONS of our hard-earned dollars to create a whole new welfare program… where it is not needed.


Here is his big announcement in Tennessee.


So today I am announcing an ambitious new plan to bring down the cost of community college tuition in America. I want to bring it down to zero.

I want to make it free. Community colleges should be free for those willing to work for it. In America quality education cannot be a privilege reserved for the few but are right for everyone willing to work for it. The good news is, you already do something like this in Tennessee you call it Tennessee promise. Why not just build it what — why not just build on what works? We are going to call it America’s College Promise.

The concept is simple, America’s College Promise: We will make two years of community college free to responsible students who are willing to work for it. I want to underscore that last deposit, everyone who is working hard for it. There are no free rides. You have to earn it. Students would have to do there part. Colleges would have to do there part by offering high quality academics and helping students actually graduate. States would have to do there part. This is not a blank check, a free lunch, but for those willing to do the work and for states and local communities that want to be a part of this, it can be a game changer.

Think about it. Students who started at community colleges during those two years and then go on to a four-year institution essentially get the first half of their bachelors degree for free. People who enroll for skill training will graduate ready to work and will not have student debt. Two years of college we will become as free and universal as high school is today.


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