American Has Become the No Fun Nation (NFN)

A few years back, some wise-cracking player or journalist said the letters NFL (for National Football League) actually stood for “No Fun League.”

The nickname was of course appropriate, given all of the harsh penalties the NFL enforces for displays of celebration or taunting, and so it stuck. Well, similar to the NFL which cracked down on enjoyable displays of fun having, our local school systems have begun to turn our nation into the NFN or No Fun Nation.

Concerns over violence in our schools have led to extreme behavior from school and law enforcement officials.

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If you still aren’t sure whether or not our country has ratcheted up the penalties for having fun from the levels they were when you were a kid, check out some of these other stories.

  • Students get suspended for “Tebowing” between classes.
  • A group of teenagers were arrested for having a water balloon fight, and the balloons were actually full of… water.
  • A 13-year-old boy was arrested for passing gas and turning off a classmate’s computer.
  • A ten year old was arrested for bringing a steak knife to school to eat her steak with.
  • A 16 year old girl had her arm broken while being arrested for… dropping a piece of cake on the floor and then refusing to pick it up. Ouch.
  • Here is a list of 19 other ridiculous reasons for arrest including paper airplane throwing, plastic butter knife using, burping, spraying self with perfume, drawing Jesus on the cross, climbing on furniture, overdue library books, and kindergarteners kissing.

schoolEveryone wants to protect our children. We want them to be safe, we want them to learn, and we want them to have all of the opportunities we can afford to give them. However, part of the growing up process is making these boneheaded mistakes that won’t lead to any death. Biologically we know that teenagers sometimes make foolish choices because their brains have not fully developed, and it’s difficult for them to consider the outcomes of their actions prior to making a decision. When they make these poor choices, we should punish them and expect different future behaviors… but suspensions and arrests are beyond the pale.

Ease up folks. Let our kids be kids. When they make mistakes, correct them with appropriate force. Let’s stop being as immature about their actions as they are.


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