Citizens Fund Universities – Illegals Get Educated

The Orange County Register recently ran a front page story, on Mildred Garcia, president of Cal State Fullerton, that portrays her as something other than what she represents.

She is shown as someone who is distributing largesse to those she believes merit an advantage. However, it is not something she herself created, but rather it is the product of American taxpayers’ vision and money which created the California university system which she is determined to hand out to her fellow Latinos.

It is disconcerting to US citizens to see the billions they spent to fund public universities be appropriated by those who were never contributors. People arrive in California, illegally or not, and feel no reason to not take what taxpayers have created for themselves and their children. The attitude is – “I’m here – I’m entitled.” It is an inclination that disadvantages legitimate potential students of the university system.

Garcia has publicly bragged about turning the college into a “Hispanic…institution…” oblivious to the fact that US citizens paid for what she is determined to hand out to people who may not even be in the US legally.

In fact, the Register ran a story on how she set up recruiting centers on campus to gather more illegals into the school.

illegal immigration prohibidoThere apparently is little awareness that giving away what belongs to American citizens is objectionable to millions of taxpayers. These citizens resent having their property – the university system – taken by those who have not honored US laws and have caused the country enormous economic and cultural dislocation.

The article highlights Garcia’s education, one which was perhaps secured at taxpayer expense, but there is a complete lack of understanding expressed of how she came to possess this. There is no mention of America and its generosity to a poor Puerto Rican girl from Brooklyn which enabled her to educate herself.

The article states, “I think she has helped open a lot of opportunities that weren’t always available for students of color.”

The California system, as with most states, has been available to those who are qualified. What has happened is that educational systems have disadvantaged American citizen students by changing requirements for minorities.

For example, the highly regarded National Merit Scholarship program has two additional tiers for minorities which have lower standards for awards. That seems hardly equitable to non-minorities, those students whose parents and grandparents helped fund public university systems where easy access is provided to favored groups.

Mildred Garcia, and others like her, who believe giving away American resources to people in the US illegally, is a good thing to do, betrays all US citizens.

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible except for the leftist/marxist/Democrats who buy future voters by giving away taxpayers’ legacy.

Garcia was quotes stating, “We’re heading in the right direction, but there’s still more work to do.”

Meaning, no doubt, that more taxpayer resources will be removed from the orbit of student citizens so that Garcia can hand out their college seats to her Latino cohort.

Too bad for Americans who pay the bills, but learn they are finding fewer college seats saved for them. They are being increasingly occupied by those favored by Garcia.

Citizens are entitled to keep the universities they paid for, as well as their country.

Thomas Paine

Saving America as Founded

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