Don’t you Miss Bill Clinton?

I miss Bill Clinton

I bet you do, too.

I am nostalgic for the days when the fight between Democrats and Republicans was simple.  A southern gentleman wanted more social programs for the south and a northern businessman wanted less government intrusion for the north.


But, we were all American, we all loved America.

The liberal progressive movement that has high jacked the Democratic Party bears no resemblance to the party in previous generations.

I bet that Bill and Hillary have stood open-mouthed numerous times over the past 6 years and marveled at the lies Obama has gotten away with.  They are probably thinking, “Sheesh, we could have done way more stuff!”

Bill CLinton MemeWhen Bill Clinton was elected in 1992, whiny, capitalist-hating liberals got what they wanted – a liberal in the White House. After only two years of liberal-reign, however, the country had something of a Republican revolution.  In the 1994 mid-term elections, Republicans picked up 8 senate seats, 54 house seats and 10 state governorships.

After having his butt handed to him, Bill took a right-hand turn.

That is why I miss Bill so much.  While he was chasing skirts around the Oval Office, he had the good sense to let the country keep running.  He didn’t actually want to destroy the country.  Thus preoccupied, Bill let Newt run the country and he did a darn good job of it.  We got welfare reform and the contract for America.

While Obama parties with Jay-Z, we get total gridlock.  Harry Reid has kept all legislation sent to him from the house in some closet somewhere and promises that they will never see the light of day.

When Bill got a shellacking in the mid-term elections, he went to McDonald’s or kept up his favorite pastime.  Not Obama, he sees yet another mid-term Republican revolution, the biggest of all time, and what does he do?

He takes a hard left.

Guess what we have to look forward to this week?  A week of Obama criss-crossing the country to tell us about all of his upcoming executive actions.

Remember, he is an ideologue.  His ideas are so good and work so well that if he could just explain them to you properly, you would get it.  Can’t you get that through your thick head?  He knows better than you and you are going to get liberal policies shoved down your throat no matter how much you vote against them.

Oh, Bill, I miss ya, buddy.

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