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The Obama Punching Bag

The Obama Punching Bag


Big Mouth Toys is marketing a punching bag with Obama on it.


I was a professional fighter and I would be embarrassed to hit a toy, a weakling.  I’ve sparred with girls at Gleason’s Gym and they are probably tougher than he is even though he is the most powerful non-entity in the world.


He attacks America with his feminine gestures and his weak arms flailing.  He growls at our enemies yet retreats when they bark back at him.


Obama Punching BagHe never really said he was leading from behind in Libya.  Actually, he was always behind but never leading. His rhetoric was ten steps ahead of him.  His deeds followed like sand in a windstorm.


What catches up with Obama is his lies. “If you like your health plan you can keep it” is as untruthful as “To be or not to be” is puzzling.


His promise will lie in his record of failure like Ozymandias’s pedestal in the desert with the words, “Look on my works ye Mighty, and despair!”


Obama is a hopeless failure.  Moronic liberals fly around the statue of what he could have been like desert birds.


Obama draws red lines in the Syrian sand and then prays for a wind storm so that he won’t have to stand up for justice.


He is Roberto Duran on Duran’s worst day.  “No mas,” seems to be his signature.


As for the Obama Punching Bag?  No, I better not get it.  He has already beaten his reputation enough.

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David Lawrence

David Lawrence

David Lawrence has a Ph.D. in literature. He has published over 200 blogs, 600 poems, a memoir “The King of White-Collar Boxing,” several books of poems, including “Lane Changes.” Both can be purchased on He was a professional boxer and a CEO. Last year he was listed in New York Magazine as the 41st reason to love New York.

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