Republicans Battle Each Other Over NSA Power

There is a struggle right now for a piece of the Republican platform. Battle lines are being drawn, and Republicans of every shade are taking sides. Three issues have forced the Republican Party to have an internal debate over which paths to take as we move forward into President Obama’s second term. First, how much power does the government have to surveil American citizens? Second, should we involve ourselves in the internal fighting of other countries? Lastly, what do we do about Obamacare?

It seems like the battle over the first issue is about to begin, and odds are that Republican in-fighting will spill out into the biased left-wing media.

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Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has been a consistent critic of the NSA over the last few months and he has (just as consistently) drawn the ire of Republican leadership for his outspoken stance against the NSA. First, it was John McCain and Lindsey Graham calling Paul and his libertarian colleagues “whacko birds,” now it’s Peter King (R-NY) calling him “a liar.”

Just recently, the Washington Post uncovered that an internal audit done by the NSA showed that over the past year they had violated the rights of Americans thousands of times. Further, each of those violations could have held thousands of their own violations – meaning that the breaches of privacy may have been massive. Rep. King tries to have it both ways when he says the NSA has not collected data on billions of phone calls BUT IF THEY DID ONLY breaching security a few thousand times is a pretty good job.

Which is it Mr. King? They didn’t collect the billions of phone calls (that they have admitted to collecting) or they did and their screw-ups aren’t that bad?

King also claims that the NSA “self-reported” their mistakes. A laughable claim at best. What Mr. King fails to tell you is that the only reason we know of the NSA audit is Edward Snowden. This audit was one of the things he leaked to reporter Glenn Greenwald of the Guardian. So no, Mr. King, the NSA did not “self-report”, because we would have never known about the audit if it were not for Mr. Snowden’s whistleblowing.

wonkasnowdenRep. King, along with Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Kelly Ayotte are traitors to our liberty, covering President Obama’s behind on a massive breach of the public trust. The NSA is spying on every American – they are collecting and storing the data from our phones, computers, Internet activity, emails and whatever else they can get their hands on. This is an utter destruction of the 4th Amendment and we must stand against it!

Republican Senators Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are fighting for our rights and demanding that the NSA powers be curbed. Let’s stand with them and make sure we restore our 4th Amendment.

Representative Justin Amash (R-MI) is another patriot standing against the government’s encroaching powers for us. Just about a month ago he pushed for an amendment to curb the power of the NSA to spy on American citizens – that amendment failed, narrowly. Even though he lost that battle, Amash was upbeat because he got almost half of the House to agree that the NSA had gone too far. Well, Representative Amash thinks that now, just one month later, he can get a similar bill through the House.

A lot has happened in the month since he first tried to get this bill passed (namely the Washington Post story about the NSA failures), and Amash thinks he has the votes to get it through the House this time.

“The system’s not working… Americans were told by the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee that there were zero privacy violations and we know that’s not true.”

Keep fighting for us Rep. Amash (and Senator Paul), the American people won’t forget.


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