Liberal Mayor Booed and Heckled at NYPD Graduation!

And the hits just keep on coming for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-NY). De Blasio has done his level best to stay out of the limelight for the last couple of weeks, but his role as mayor does not give him much of a chance to remain anonymous. The NYPD graduated nearly 900 new police officers on Monday, and Mayor de Blasio was there to thank them for joining and to charge them with protecting the Big Apple.

Throughout the ceremony the officers did their professional duty showing no disrespect to their mayor or to their uniform. Their families, however, have no reason to maintain the same level of decorum. When the Mayor was announced as the next speaker, they made sure he knew they were sorely displeased.



Boos came from some of the families and friends in the spectator seats. The rudeness was theirs, but the failure belonged to the mayor, who had failed to make many of them feel he was fully behind these newly minted cops who were venturing into a city that had developed new tensions and dangers in the six months since they entered the academy.

De Blasio sought to do his belated best to make up for it. He told the cops that they would be facing “problems you don’t create.”

“You created them!” somebody called out…

See, these are the people who sit at home worrying that their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters may not come home. These are the people whose hearts will break when they learn that their loved one has been killed while serving their city. These are the people who will have to deal with the loss every moment of every day for the rest of their lives.

These people have earned the right to be “rude.”

After de Blasio spoke, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton also rose to speak his heart to these newly minted officers.

“I want to talk to you cop to cop. I have the civilian title of police commissioner, and I’m proud for the second time to lead this great organization. In my heart and in my soul, I will always be a cop. There are those that would seek to use that term [cop] in a derogatory fashion, but I always use it with pride. It denotes something more than being a police officer. It denotes the person that puts on the badge, puts on the blue uniform, and goes into the streets to put their life at risk. So, it is a name of distinction, a name of honor. For 44 years, I’m privileged to call myself a cop.”

You can see the Mayor’s entire speech in the video embed below.


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