Tarzan and the Police – A Lesson for All Time

The recent assassinations of two innocent New York City police officers, Liu and Ramos, has roiled the nation. Various factions attempt to either deflect tangential responsibility or show a direct spoor from rioting protestors to the mind of the murderer.

Many believe the ceaseless propaganda against authority in general, and the police in particular, was an igniting factor to the murders.

When rioters went unimpeded in New York in their assaults on police and thoroughfares it set a precedent. Violent protesters perhaps felt they were given the green light. Police were the enemy, and those in power would support whatever actions against the police would follow.

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Coming on the heels of the Ferguson faux, police accusations the race hustlers went into high gear. Al Sharpton, now a close advisor to the president and New York mayor, lead the protests with fake stories, inciting with propaganda, which created a climate of mass hysteria in Ferguson. Honest, innocent people lost their businesses to looters and destroyers.

Pretending Michael Brown held his hands up, the media, following Sharpton’s lead, churned out false stories that few outlets questioned. Those who do not bother to inform themselves, but absorb only inflammatory headlines or leftist television, tried to make Brown out to be an innocent. But facts are hard things.

He was not innocent. He had robbed a store moments before allegedly, according to grand jury findings, assaulted Officer Darren Wilson, before being killed.

Then the president, attorney general, by their comments and actions, followed their inclinations to stand with their own people. Not on the side of truth or the rule of law, but skewed the law for the benefit of those they believe need not conform.

The New York police killing of a black man, with an arrest record, inflamed the protesters who directed their anger against police.

Underlying all this is the belief, formulated by leftist media propaganda, that certain people or groups of people do not have to comply with police directives or follow US laws.

The criminals/illegals have spread this notion by the fact there are 20-30 million of them and they have defied US laws, broken into the country and have taken hundreds of billions from taxpayers/citizens against their collective will.

Citizens funded and established great universities in California and in other states and illegals have claimed virtually free education putting citizens at a gross disadvantage.

The police and citizens are disadvantaged through the actions of corrupt politicians who want the votes of these groups.

Sharpton’s propaganda that police were hunting down black men was false. Statistics demonstrate that. Sharpton and other race hustlers were disinterested in the black on black killings in Chicago that go on daily. No white people involved so the media and race baiters can’t exploit the situation.

It seems to be untrue police officers unfairly target black men. They earn attention through their unlawful behaviors. In both instances of recent killings in Ferguson and Staten Island the two men resisted the lawful orders of the police.

The truth of the Ferguson encounter was badly handled by the police allowing protestors to gain momentum instead of putting the truth before the public quickly.

Politicians from the president on down to the attorney general and mayor of New York took the view that police were the villains – that the urban communities, which sport a culture of criminality, were innocently targeted by police.


Bad behaviors court disaster.

When large numbers of persons refuse to adopt the culture of respectability, and demand to live outside civility and the law there will be clashes.

Right now it seems many are afraid to see the truth of human behavior as far too complex.There seems to be  palpable fear to look at the savage aspect of human actions.. This dread causes many to swerve to avoid admitting what civilization has tried to bury.

Some human beings, in certain circumstances, can act uncivilized. Throwing off the constraints of cultures which form a too shallow impression on passions.

Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1875-1950, author of two dozen Tarzan of the apes novels, as well as science fiction, was lauded by science fiction writer, Ray Bradbury, in an article in Paris Review.

“Edgar Rice Burroughs,” said Bradbury,“ is probably the most influential writer in the entire history of the world. By giving romance and adventure to a whole generation…”

Burroughs is perhaps best known as the father of Tarzan of the Apes, one of the most enduring characters of fiction and films. In his two dozen Tarzan books the interplay of Tarzan’s twenty year’s upbringing in the jungle of Africa by apes, with his later aristocratic persona, is in conflict constantly and civilization does not always win out.

Disney_tarzan_1024In the novel, “The Return of Tarzan”, copyright 1913, the hero has a serious altercation with four Paris police officers who attempt to arrest him. Not understanding their actions, he defends himself — beating them up. His veneer as a Parisian gentleman falls away and he reacts as he did in the jungle when stalked by a lion or other enemy.

In the police station, where it is to be decided if he’s to be prosecuted or not, the kindly police captain explains: “You have much to learn about the ways of civilization…you must learn to accept…until you are able to judge the motives…

The officers whom you attacked were but doing their duty. They had no discretion in the matter. Every day they risk their lives in the protection of the lives or property of others. They would do the same for you. They are very brave men.”

Tarzan understood, apologized, and gained four new friends.

His instinctual reactions to the police were understandable, as he’d spent his entire life fending for himself in a hostile environment. Without another human being to aid him.

America seems again to be in the throes of 1970s style hatred of police. The propaganda of lies by Sharpton and others seeking to validate the false belief of police unfairly treating blacks is bearing fruit. This has made many in the race victim business rich. But makes America and its lawful citizens poor indeed.

The people must demand politicians, starting at the top, use the law as a guidepost. Not street rioters.

When ignorant individuals demonstrate belief in propaganda it is the duty of every American to oppose that action.

Thomas Paine

Saving America as Founded

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Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine (not to be confused with the political activist and author from the Revolutionary War period.)
Save America as Founded

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