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Female Black Conservative Attacked – Media Silent

Stacey Dash became famous with her role as Alicia Silverstone’s best friend in the 90’s movie “classic” Clueless which was loosely based on Jane Austen’s Emma but set in modern (for the 90’s) day Los Angeles.

Now she’s one of the most popular and famous (maybe infamous is a better word?) African-American voices in today’s media. However, Dash has built her popularity and fame on her work for Fox News where she is a conservative media pundit. While conservatives across America may love her, she has become anathema among the liberal black community… as evidenced by a recent article in Ebony that was discussing “Google’s Top-Trending Black Actresses of 2014.”

In their article Ebony had nothing but nice things to say about actresses 1 – 8… but when it came to Dash, who rang in at number 9, things got… mean-spirited.

Here’s what Ebony had to say about her.

“Her conservative, clueless political slant sparked controversy time after time this year, making Dash notoriously trendy for all the wrong reasons.”

Ouch. Not very nice at all. So according to Ebony all conservatives are CLUELESS (get it?).

On Fox to discuss the rude article, Dash was asked if anyone in Hollywood ever tried to engage her on politics.

Her response was legendary; “No. They wouldn’t dare. Everything they say is behind my back.” For Ebony she also added her thanks, “Ebony magazine, thank you for the press, because any press is good press.”


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