Los Angeles Democrats – Free Forum for Illegals


Nonetheless, Los Angeles – the Democratic cohort – are rounding up criminals/illegals for a free event December 14, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, to help them take more from US citizens…or whatever Obama is giving away against the authority of Congress and 200 million Americans.

Of course, the cost of this disgraceful demonstration in support of lawlessness, will, no doubt, ultimately come out of taxpayers’ pockets.

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No president of the United States has the authority to write or change laws as Obama has done with amnesty. Only Congress, as representatives of the people, has that power.

Obama MexicoObama talks about shielding four or five million from deportation …but the fact is, no one knows exactly how many are involved…it is known that Mexico’s second largest revenue, $30-50 billion yearly, comes from remittances of criminals/illegals in the US.

Those who say Obama is only doing what other presidents have done are wrong.

Yes, Ronald Reagan allowed an amnesty WHICH WAS A CONGRESSIONAL BILL. Obama’s amnesty runs over Congress and American citizens.

Intelligent observers understand and are outraged that Obama is blatantly pandering to buy votes for the Democrats using the currency of US citizens’ precious homeland.

There is virtually no support for the president to help foreigners steal more treasure from the United States and its citizens…and that is exactly what criminals/illegals have done.

Amnesty ensures another onslaught of more criminals/illegals flooding into the US to wrest additional property, owned by citizens, who are not being properly defended.. The 20-30 million criminals/illegals already in the US have cost taxpayers hundreds of billions to educate, medicate and accommodate these foreign citizens from south of the border.

Bill O’Reilly showed clips of  Sheriffs from 27 US counties who met in Washington D.C., December 10, to proclaim the first-hand experience of expected massive invasions of criminals/illegals from Mexico. Obama is hanging out the …”welcome sign,” against the law and the best interests of the country and its citizens.

Kudos to those sheriffs…It took a lot of courage for those elected sheriffs to publicly denounce this destructive political action.

illegal“It is gang members coming across, “ said Sheriff Chuck Jones, Fredericks County, Maryland.

Obviously, amnesty will open the flood gates turning the country into something citizens/taxpayers never voted for.

Jones went on, “…there’ll be a rise in crime, harming citizens and breaking the law every way possible.”

O’Reilly chose to put down the opinions of law enforcement but gave no reason why he disagreed. He’s on the wrong side of this issue.

Sheriff Andy Louderback, Jackson County, Texas, is worried about people to whom US laws do not matter…he believes amnesty will increase the drug smuggling into the US because it will be known there is no border enforcement. Border agents are not on the border, but some distance away. The National Guard was stationed seven miles from the border.

The Democrats are importing future voters and crime harming citizens in a nefarious effort to ensure their eternal power.

What should be done is all Americans must illuminate the decades of Mexico’s racketeering exporting illegal drugs, guns and poor people into the United States for the purpose of subversion and profit. The cheap labor from Mexico has cost the US hundreds of billions with increased crime and community destruction. That is no bargain.

Once the spotlight is on corrupt Mexico,and its enablers in the US, then a plan to stop the massive crimes, which have damaged every facet of American life, can begin.

Apparently illegal Mexicans can nullify US immigrations laws, therefore, Americans are serving notice they nullify the conferring of citizenship on babies born to women who broke into the US and had their babies at taxpayer expense. Then used those babies as their meal tickets, economically raping taxpayers …stealing billions from taxpayers.

It is not accepted by millions of Americans that criminals/illegals’ babies have the right to citizenship. That was not the intention of the ruling used to justify what no other nation allows.

No one who comes into the US without permission merits consideration to stay.

That is a gross disservice to those who followed the law in years past, as well as those still waiting to come to the country lawfully.

The connection between Mexico’s racketeering and the willingness of politicians to usher in millions of poor uneducated unskilled people must be illuminated.



The scam Democrats are pulling…that it’s about keeping families together doesn’t fly.

The families can all be together in Mexico.

Let Carlos Slim pay to educate, medicate and accommodate them.

Americans are fed up being held hostage to Mexico’s racketeering costing billions while degrading of the United States.



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