How the USA’s Generosity Killed the Rule of Law

The brilliant writer, Thomas Sowell, wonders if the Rule of Law is now optional.

For some groups apparently it is.

Criminals/illegals break into the USA and profit from that crime and refuse to follow laws American citizens honor. They are one of the products of decades of Mexican racketeering exporting illegal drugs, guns and people to the USA for the purpose of subversion and profit.

Need proof?

Ask a high-schooler if she knows where to buy drugs?

Ask that high-schooler’s grandfather if he knew where to buy drugs as a teen?

The answers are: Yes. No.

Things have changed thanks to Mexico’s racketeering which is not even on anyone’s radar. Certainly, the media never mentions it. Only criminals/illegals sob stories allowed. Apparently, too many – on both sides of the border – are making money from this organized criminal action.

Russell Simmons, a black businessman, on Bill O’Reilly’s The Factor show, insisted drugs are not a violent crime, nor really much of a crime at all. It is the punishment of that criminal behavior which is the root of blacks’ destructive history. Supposedly innocent black youths are just minding their business when they are arrested for dealing or taking drugs. Simmons contends it is the prison time that turns these innocents into criminals.

This is a critical concept to grasp.

A black man, who presents as a black leader, states it is punishment for crimes, not the crimes, which are the root of blacks’ violent history.

illegalsBlacks killing blacks on Chicago’s South Side is a side issue for the Leftists/Marxists/Democrats…as it doesn’t have the necessary “optics”..a white person who can be held hostage to demands and blamed for inhospitable black neighborhoods.

Barack Obama was a “community organizer” in this precinct. This activity does not teach personal responsibility. Or personal habits of respectability. Or how to speak proper English. Or how to plan for a productive life through education and  proper choices. No. It merely teaches dependency on taxpayers. While taking on the permanent mantle of victimhood.

Sowell’s Investors Business Daily column illuminates how certain groups use emotions – irrational demands really – not laws as a guide.

“Do we want people punished based on other people’s preconceptions, rather than on the facts of the individual case? Apparently there are ranting mobs who do, and many in the media who give them a platform for spouting off, in exchange for the mobs’ providing them with footage that can attract an audience.”

Talk about an unholy alliance.

The rioters – obviously well-financed and organized – don’t care how they harm innocent people whose businesses they destroy. There is an unmistakable aura of “partying” going on with these events. The people madly running about smashing and stealing lack a civilizing conscience. They believe their “feelings” trump the law.

The media feeds this destructive element as they have been trained by leftist teachers in college to believe they shouldn’t just report the news, they should make it.

Spanish television Univision’s Jorge Ramos, told a press group last month that”…the best journalism happens when we, purposely, stop pretending that we are neutral and recognize that we have a moral obligation to tell the truth to power.”


This is contrary to the US Constitution’s protection for the free press to provide unbiased information to citizens.

This world-view is not shaped by a place of the Rule of Law, but something corrupt where there is no objective moral paradigm, only the whims of power-seekers, as every mob is. It is the model from Spanish Colonial policies of the past 400 years south of the border.

Ramos, in a recent face-to-face interview with Obama, demonstrated the colossal arrogance of gatecrashers as he harangued Obama about deporting criminals/illegals in the past, breaking up families. He was bullying Obama, who stammered and stalled.

Obama should have told Ramos – “Actually it is Mexico that has broken up Mexican families due to not providing jobs, education or health care for Mexicans. That is not the responsibility of the American people.”

Of course, Mexican racketeering was never mentioned…how America and its citizens have been degraded by illegally sending drugs, guns and poor people across the border to take what Americans have created.

Ramos’ remarks have more than a whiff of Vladimir Lenin’s tactics, one of the architects of the Russian revolution, when he was said to state “…the press should be a collective propagandist, agitator and organizer of the masses.”

illegalToday the media dutifully “reports” what the mobs demand…but never report what law-abiding USA citizens want – such as the return of their country from the hands of rioters, criminals/illegals and others who are determined to wreck America.

The Orange County Register’s article “Immigrant rights activists arrests decried,” illustrates how the media is a propaganda tool for criminals/illegals. Valuable future voters for the Left/Democrats.

The story relates how two women, who claim the privileged status of “activists” interfered with Santa Ana police officer Anthony Bertagna.

According to the facts written the women intended to stop the officer from dealing with drunk drivers and stop their cars from being impounded.

California law provides that drivers without licenses, who are held for another violation, have their cars impounded. The criminals/illegals refuse to abide by this law. And amazingly the chiefs of police of Los Angeles and Anaheim have stated they will let the criminals/illegals go. But citizens? They are held to the law.

The women’s pals are yelling foul and demanding the charges, perhaps including assaulting a police officer, be dropped.

The arrogant attitude of exemption from USA law is disturbing. But clearly stems from decades of US politicians allowing, and in some instances encouraging, the lawlessness of criminals/illegals and Mexico’s racketeering.

Getting back to Sowell’s column, he writers, “…the idea that the police should not show up in riot gear, or with anti-riot equipment…not to inflame…” law breakers is a hallmark of how the police and citizens of the USA are being attacked.

Mexico’s racketeering has undermined every facet of American life.

Flooding the nation with 20-30 million criminals/illegals who profit from breaking in to the USA has degraded not only the Rule of Law but now threatens the very foundation of the EXPECTATION OF THE RULE OF LAW to preserve the peace.

Without the protection of the hard-won Rule of Law – millions of Americans have died to preserve and protect this hallmark of our great nation – the nation cannot persevere.

Americans must fight the trampling of the Rule of Law.

These are dangerous times.

Most Americans are very generous and charitable. They have been inclined to be kind to immigrants. But the criminals/illegals have grabbed what citizens created for citizens and then spit in the faces of law enforcement and law-abiding citizens with their demands to never be held to the Rule of Law.

This cannot be tolerated. Citizens will not let it.

Politicians who favor criminals/illegals must be opposed.

Amnesty, as planned by Obama, must be stopped.

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