Lawlessness Replaces Personal Pride

James J. Braddock, the heavyweight boxing champion 1935-37, felt humiliated to have to take government “relief” money during the Great Depression…therefore, when he became successful, winning the championship, he paid back all the relief money he had taken.

Think about that for a moment.

Now think about the president going against the majority of American citizens in violation of representative government, giving away citizens’ communities, education and additional billions to criminals/illegals who belong mostly in Mexico. These people have no sense of pride about taking money from USA citizens. They believe they are entitled…just look at their riots and signage.

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There’s never a mention of the decades of Mexico’s racketeering exporting illegal poor people, drugs, guns into the USA for the purpose of subversion and profit. That corrupt nation gets back $40-50 BILLION yearly from the “poor people” in the USA that citizens are forced to support.

Getting back to the boxer, James J. Braddock – he knew it was not good to take money from other citizens…even though his children were hungry…when he came into money he became very active in helping various charities.

illegalNow that’s an idea: Where are the criminals/illegals charities? Where are the Mexican charities? Or for that matter, black charities? Or muslim charities?

Ordinary law-abiding Americans are squeezed by all the demanding groups to finance everything they want…without any concern for the hardship imposed on taxpayers to fund all these entitlements.

People still know of Braddock, even before the  2005 film, “Cinderella Man,” which chronicles his life during the Depression and how his boxing career bounded back to give him the opportunity to become “World Champion” of US boxing.

Braddock’s sense of pride, contrasted to today’s climate of “gimme” by tens of millions of people who demonstrate a deep contempt for the USA and its citizens, seems so foreign…because it was so American and today anything American is vilified..

This situation illustrates a profound change in the character of America.  Once it was considered a moral failing to accept “relief” money from the government. Today half the US population receives some form of government “relief.”

Food stamps. Rent subsidy. Free medical care. Unemployment compensation. Tax credits.Free college. And God knows what else.

It’s a simple exchange. Money for votes.

Something is missing from the American culture.

Can it be that Middle Class Americans and their values have been swamped in a tsunami of anti-American habits?

Ferguson and the South Side of Chicago are the hallmarks of the fall from grace.

Ferguson police office Darren Wilson resigned…without compensation.

He was doing his duty when a huge man attacked him refusing to obey a lawful police order. Now the people who rioted because Office Wilson was not indicted demand “change.”  What change?

Apparently, police officers must follow the lead of the executive branch of the US government and not hold lawbreakers accountable.

That appears to be the direction of the Justice Dept.

Michael Brown had just held up a store and apparently felt he could bluff his way out of an arrest by Officer Wilson. He made a bad choice. And many innocent people have suffered through no fault of their own.

Americans see their cities, communities, schools degraded to accommodate people who are not in the country with permission. Or by people who refuse to use the free schools to improve their lives.

But American students must move over and give their seats to criminals/illegals.

In fact, not only must they give up the seats, but many demand the school lesson be taught in their language…”bilingual immersion” it’s called. Where American students are forced to take lessons in the language of the usurpers.

If 20-30 million criminals/illegals are given the keys to the cities, then those who attack police officers are also to not only be let off – but to be held up as persons to be celebrated.

The Brown funeral was a political rally.

No military hero killed in battle ever had anything like it.

That is the out of whack “culture” impressed by groups with no respect or honor for America.

Americans need to pay attention and demand laws be applied to everyone…not just certain people.

First thing to do – dump political correctness. Now.

Hold wrongdoers accountable…no matter their race…and demand penalties.

Good place to start would be the Ferguson liars and rioters. Hold those who concocted lies about Brown’s actions to perjury. Hold the rioters to account for destroying millions of dollars in private property. And uphold Office Wilson’s rights.

Send the media into the South Side of Chicago and SHOW the daily killings by blacks against blacks. Are those killings racially motivated? No. But the drugs and guns exported by racketeering Mexico fuels those incidents. Where’s the media on that story? Nowhere…not politically correct.

Chicago is going the way of Detroit, as most communities controlled by the Democrats whose number one goal…get the votes…keep the votes…no matter what are..

California citizens must brace for the millions more of criminals/illegals who will flood into the state to take Obama-made amnesty.

What of the crime, congestion, abuse of citizens?

Doesn’t matter…only getting the votes and keeping power for the left/marxist/democrats matters.

And where are the Republican leaders?

Dithering on the sidelines while Obama kills America.

If Americans have to see Speaker Boehner crying one more time they may demand he resign.

Even, if by some miracle, a Republican president comes into office in 2016, there is no way the damage to the USA Constitution and culture  can be unraveled.


Thomas Paine

Saving America as Founded

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Thomas Paine (not to be confused with the political activist and author from the Revolutionary War period.)
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