Helpless School Children Lost in American Schools

The Orange County Register, always in the forefront of promoting criminals/illegals demands, ran an article, “District considers immersion program,” in Irvine, CA, schools.

The article hails forcing English-speaking American children, in the city of Irvine, California, to be captive in public schools where subjects are taught in Mexican spanish, in what they call “dual bilingual immersion” where English speaking students are taught 90% of the time in Mexican spanish and 10% in English.

American families reject such intrusive programs as psychologically, intellectually abusive and educationally detrimental to their children’s future.

When a child has been forced to listen to another language, instead of being taught properly in his/her own language, they will fall behind and may never be able to recoup that lost time. American taxpayers support public schools, yet, those who came into the USA recently jump in and make demands that everything be changed to support what they demand, even when it disadvantages American English-speaking students.

In fact, American families are outraged and highly alarmed by the brazen demands to subjugate English-speaking children by holding them captive in classrooms devoid of sufficient American English instruction.

Such parents recognize the intent to remove English in classrooms is a marxist social engineering process whereby American children are disadvantaged in many ways in their own communities and country to satisfy Mexican activists’ demands. It is an outrage.

Some activists state a reason for the dual bilingual immersion program in American schools is so their Mexican spanish language not be lost.

Well, they can hire a tutor. Or do it themselves…but no….they demand all American students learn their language. It is an enormous insult – and a very expensive one.

The Register article was full of unvetted assertions that American students forced to learn academic subjects in Mexican spanish “benefit” from this educational torture. They do not.

One American little boy stated, “I don’t understand why we have to be taught in spanish in third-grade. I can’t figure out what is going on.”

Learning a foreign language is good if the families and students ELECT to do this in a foreign language class. To subject American students in American schools to having ALL SUBJECTS taught in non-English constitutes abuse.

Any adult will readily acknowledge that should the American workplace  suddenly be forced into a “dual bilingual immersion” program where directions, meetings, written materials were given in Mexican spanish it would be intolerable.

But this is what mexican activists have promoted as a good thing for American English-speaking students. It is without educational merit, except to those who do not speak English and, like their adult family members, expect all facets of American culture to cater to their refusal to learn English.

This demonstrates a breathtaking degree of arrogance by people from foreign places who may or may not have entered the USA legally to make demands that the entire SCHOOL SYSTEM CATER TO THEIR DEMANDS.

American families say NO.

The Register article noted that the demand to the Irvine school district pointed out that other school districts – such as Anaheim, Santa Ana and Capistrano – had some form of these programs. If true, that would be more testament to the success of the Mexican activists and large populations of who refuse to learn English.

California is suffering from an overwhelming invasion of people from south of the border who break into the USA and show a complete lack of respect for the USA, its citizens and the Rule of Law.

Today, the country is experiencing consequences from the wholesale degrading of following USA laws. The president sets an example of catering to the voter base of Dems/leftist/marxists with his amnesty for unknown millions of criminals/illegals. Cities with large populations of such disrespectful persons are besieged by lawbreakers putting communities in jeopardy.

Where are the USA leaders to speak out that people in the USA illegally must be deported because American citizens have no obligation to accommodate the demands of activities? It is Americans who deserve humane treatment.

Let Mexico take care of its people…instead of sending them to Americans who are forced to support them to the tune of hundreds of billions.

Perhaps American citizens themselves must speak out. Those who wish to join this movement can forward this article.


Thomas Paine

Saving America as Founded

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Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine (not to be confused with the political activist and author from the Revolutionary War period.)
Save America as Founded

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