Our Government is Crushing American Citizens

The current prevailing mob rule has infuriated honest law-abiding USA citizens.

They are fed up with the constant terrorizing by activists, media and politicians appropriating what is rightfully theirs – including their country and its schools and hospitals. No more “diversity, ethnic studies, anti-American” programs in schools.

California citizens will be forced, according to Fox News Megyn Kelly, to pay for the new amnesty illegals’ health care…not that they weren’t paying for it before. Because they were.

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Hospital ERs were always stacked wall to wall with illegals. Free ride all the way. But get sick in Mexico and you won’t get a band-aid without first putting up the money to pay. That’s how it works with corrupt Mexico…it gets a free ride for all the poor people it sends to hijack USA citizen-funded benefits – but Americans are treated with gross disrespect.

The US Marine spent over 200 days in a Mexican prison, while thousands of criminals/illegals were pouring over the Mexican border into the USA to steal hundreds of billions in goods and services from citizens.

Health workers are feeling unstable due to the wreckage brought on by Obamacare – forcing hospitals to merge, etc. Jobs are lost…sort of like Russia’s reported closing of hospitals, laying off 10,000 medical staff who are employees of Russia…well, that’s on the way with Obamacare. If it is not killed.

American citizens are being terrorized by leftists/marxists/Democrats who are bulldozing American culture and economy in favor of the criminal elements in the USA.

Today it can be said America is under mob rule.

Lawlessness reigns.

fergusonThe turmoil in Ferguson is one example.

The rioters were obviously highly influenced, if not organized, and financed, by the leftists/marxists…riots make voters for Democrats so they are allowed to get away with torching and looting innocent people’s property.

The football players who emerged from the tunnel with their hands up over the weekend demonstrated just how ignorant people are about Ferguson. They apparently chose to ignore the truth as presented to the grand jury, which did not hold officer Wilson responsible in any way.

Michael Brown was proven to never have held up his hands in submission. In fact, he was the aggressor against white police officer Darren Wilson, battering his face & attempting to take Wilson’s gun. Would there have been riots had Brown gotten the gun and killed Wilson?

Wilson has resigned…forced to resign?

In any case it is reported he gets nothing…no compensation and no pension. That’s what he gets for doing his duty and having the bad luck to encounter a huge man who had just robbed a store and figured to bully the police officer. His background has been hush-hush in the media.

New York Times’ writer, Dyson, wrote inflammatory misinformation about Ferguson, completely misrepresenting the truthful facts.

The media is partially responsible for the degrading of civility by printing propaganda supporting the vast and growing “victimhood” conspiracy…that white police officers hunt blacks to kill them. In fact, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly presented details on killings. Blacks, with 13% of the population account for more of the killings. That’s not racism. That’s truth. In Chicago and other urban areas blacks kill blacks and Sharpton doesn’t show up at all. Nor does Jackson who lives in Chicago. They don’t show up because blacks killing blacks doesn’t fit the racism pack of lies agenda.

Anyone can go to the Fox website for all the stats on killings.

Meanwhile, in California citizens continue under attack.

A parent is demanding Irvine public schools implement “immersion bilingual” education…that means American students are forced to deal with new academic materials being presented in a foreign language… in this case, the woman’s spanish….because she doesn’t want her kids to “lose their language.”…

Certainly she’s free to hire a tutor to teach her children.


trustgovernmentThat’s marxist social engineering and Americans hate it.

The program would entail 10% English in the day of lessons. For the entire year. This is the hallmark of the attitude of ingratitude and contempt by people who were treated badly by their own country and broke into the USA & were successful in getting everything for free -including education which they then turn on the citizens that supported them.

Would any adult want to go to work in a place where directions were in a foreign language so they’d have to figure out the language and the instructions?

It is madness.

American citizens reject marxist social engineering.

California citizens demand their children not be subjected to marxist programs such as anti-American Common Core and abusive immersion bilingual — where English is barely used.

Why the hell should Americans be forced to learn spanish.

They broke in and stole everything…the least they can do is learn English.

Citizens are fed up…they are being terrorized and abused by politicians and “victim” groups who are exempt from the laws and can wreck havoc whenever they want, wherever they want.

Citizens demand all criminals/illegals be deported…Obama’s order must be killed…anti-American Common Core must be killed. Enslaved medical, Obamacare, must be killed…

America is nearly lost unless good law-abiding citizens stand up, denounce political correctness and diversity, to save the country.

American citizens demand they keep control of their country, its education and health care…maybe they don’t yet realize they’ve lost these things & must act to get them back.


Thomas Paine

Saving America as Founded

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Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine (not to be confused with the political activist and author from the Revolutionary War period.)
Save America as Founded

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