We are All the Same, We All Have Value

The biggest story for the past few days (or weeks) has been Ferguson, Missouri and what is going on there.  I can’t stand to watch it, and I can’t write about it until I tell you this.

When my stepfather, who happens to be black (oh, how I long for the time when we didn’t care about that) was going to college, he worked his butt off.  He ran the hills in his neighborhood (the ‘hood) so that he could do a better job on the cross country team when he got back to school.

He became national champion and has had a successful coaching career for 40 years.

My dad (who happens to be white) got up before dawn EVERY DAY for 45+ years to work hard at his own business.  He has had a successful business for over 4 decades.

Both men have reaped the benefits of their hard work.

diversityI find it absolutely ridiculous, completely ludicrous and downright disgusting that anyone would say that they deserve to have one cent from either man’s hard work.

Do you understand what I am saying?  Do you agree?

We used to be a country of hard workers, not whiners based on race.  Who thought this up?  Where did it come from?  How has this thinking, this cancer that is killing our country from within, taken root in a country full of equal opportunity, freedom and unlimited reward for hard work?

How did the social justice, income equality crowd succeed in poisoning our culture in this way?  How did this race baiting, class warfare mentality take root in a place where one white man can work his butt off and achieve success, while on the other side of town a black man can do the same?

Both are equal, both are the same.  Both have the same right to work hard and achieve personal and professional success.  And, each has the right to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Before you jump all over me, I am not talking about people who can’t take care of themselves.  I am talking about people who CAN take care of themselves but WON’T. When Clinton, the patron saint of all liberals, signed welfare reform in the mid-90s, millions of welfare recipients found work.

When Obama quietly deleted all of the work requirements for receiving welfare, people went back on welfare.  But, he had to declare “income inequality” “social justice” and race as part of it.

I guess that it is easier to look at the color of someone’s skin and then decide whether or not he or she should work.  But, when you grow up in a rural, university town where all of the welfare recipients are white, and all of the black people have Ph.Ds, you get a little bit of a different perspective.

We all have struggled, as Americans.  We can all work hard in this land of opportunity.  We are all the same, equal, Americans.

I wish that we would remember that.

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About the author

Julie Love

Julie Love is a former CPA who currently home-schools her two children. She earned her MS in Journalism from Ohio University in 2002. She was raised in rural Ohio and now lives in the big city of Cleveland.
You can see more of her work at Http://redneckmominthehood.blogspot.com
Or follow her on Twitter @loveredneck

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