These 12 Organizations Are Making Huge Profits from Sexual Exploitation

The wonderful folks at End Sexual Exploitation (.org) have put together their annual “Dirty Dozen List.” The Dirty Dozen List exposes a list of 12 of the worst actors in the sexual exploitation industry.

Why do they work so hard to expose these immoral groups?

Common Sense, anecdotal evidence, and scientific research all demonstrate that pornography is a harmful, mind-altering drug that is causing a public health crisis in America. Addiction, broken relationships, increased sexual violence, child sexual abuse, sex trafficking and prostitution, and more societal ills are now overwhelming our communities and families as a result. Despite the incontrovertible evidence of harm, many companies and organizations still choose to add to this pandemic in order to make a profit or push an agenda.

We will not let them get away with it any longer. Help us demand policy changes from these contributors to sexual exploitation!

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And the work they do really does affect change. Google is a perfect example – in 2014 Google made the Dirty Dozen list, which sparked them to try to change their ways.

Google saw that they were on the list and met with The National Center on Sexual Exploitation to fix it.

That meeting with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation pushed Google to make the hard decision to no longer allow porn sites to advertise using Goggle AdWords – which meant Google would lose money, but also that those porn sites would also be taking a big hit financially. Way to go, Google.

Some of the companies appearing on the 2015 Dirty Dozen List include no-brainers like Facebook, Verizon, YouTube, 50 Shades of Grey, Sex Week, and, which have all profited greatly from sexual exploitation in America. But there were some surprises on the list – like the American Library Association, the Department of Justice, and Hilton Hotels. Rounding out the list, Cosmopolitan Magazine, American Apparel, and CKE Restaurants (owners of the Hardees and Carl’s Jr. chains).

The Dirty Dozen List describes in detail why each organization appears on their list and believe me… they all deserve to be here. Whether it’s a site like where nearly 80% of the ad revenue for online prostitution is generated, or it’s a Carl’s Jr. commercial that treats women like pieces of meat, each of these organizations is making a ton of money by exploiting sex and deviant (and dangerous) behaviors.

Check out the list and see if you aren’t as disgusted as we were when we first looked it over. The world is suffering from rampant sexual exploitation and even those who aren’t direct victims of the horrors spawned by the illicit sex industry have become victims through the easy access of sexually explicit and deviant material. We can do something about it. We can fight sexual exploitation.


See the entire Dirty Dozen List and the reasoning behind their appearance at

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