12 Amazing Photos of Animals in the Womb Reinforces Pro-Life Stance

The guys at Young Conservatives put together an awe-inspiring yet cute list of unborn animals! The pictures come from a National Geographic special called In The Womb: Animals by Producer Peter Chinn. Chinn used a combination of ultrasound technology, cameras and computer design programs to produce the amazing pictures that give us a window into the womb to show us what these tiny babies look like in the womb.

1. Unborn Elephant



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Peter Chinn

2. Unborn Horse



Peter Chinn

3. Unborn Leopardunb3

Peter Chinn

4. Unborn Penguin


Peter Chinn

5. Unborn Dolphin



Peter Chinn

6. Unborn Tiger Shark


Peter Chinn

7. Unborn Lemon Shark


Peter Chinn

8. Unborn Polar Bears


Peter Chinn

9. Unborn Snake


Peter Chinn

10. Unborn Possum


Peter Chinn

11. Unborn Bats


Peter Chinn

12. Unborn Chihuahua


Peter Chinn

How about we compare these 12 adorable baby animals to a human baby?



It’s simply amazing how unique each creature is and how most assuredly they are what they are even in their mothers womb. How anyone can look at these pictures and attempt to argue that an unborn baby is nothing but “a clump of tissue” is simply astounding.

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