President Obama: Leading From Behind

If you’ve been paying much attention to politics over the last five years, one of the many things you’ve likely noticed about the Obama administration is that their administration is in perpetual “campaign mode.” One of the reasons for that is that for Obama and the Democrats, the acquisition and maintaining of power is more important than leadership. Some have likened Obama’s worldview to that of the “Utopian” Jimmy Carter, but I think it’s more likely that President Obama’s worldview is more of an outgrowth of his desire to preserve his power.

One of the sharpest retorts Republicans developed over the last few years was that the Obama administration was constantly “leading from behind.”

Obama may be moving toward something resembling a doctrine. One of his advisers described the president’s actions in Libya as “leading from behind.”

— Ryan Lizza, the New Yorker, May 2 issue

The remarkable irony that the phrase was actually uttered by voices in the administration cannot be lost on us. If the President has shown aptitude for anything at all it’s been his ability to not lead on the major issues of our day.

obamascapegoatThis idea of leading from behind has been clearly evident throughout the administration’s domestic policies. We’ve watched the administration get shellacked on the unpopular Obamacare, only to blame “messaging.” We’ve observed them allow the Zimmerman trial to turn into some kind of national statement on race relations when it was simply a tragic situation between two people. We’ve even seen them shrug the responsibility for immigration reform onto others in their party, lest they be painted with the brush of not caring for the rule of law.

However, if there is any aspect of the Obama legacy which truly shines as a model for “leading from behind,” it must be the administrations efforts on foreign policy. On Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan the President has failed time and time again in presenting any kind of leadership or principles with which to operate. They take what can only be described as a “wait and see” approach to the events unfolding the world over. This is no way for an administration to operate, because in the end, it only makes our nation look weak and hypocritical.

obama_you_didnt_build_that_politics_explainedThe ramifications of the administration’s backward policies can be seen in a myriad of ways on the international scene. In Egypt and Libya we have been seen supporting both the administration and the rebellion – which in fact led to our tacit support of Islamic extremism. In Syria the same thing is happening, as we have begun funneling money and arms to rebel groups allied with Al-Qaeda. In Iraq and Afghanistan we see the saddest proof of the destruction being wrought by Obama’s Presidency, as both nations begin falling into violence that seems assuredly to be returning fanatical Islam to their governments. All the while, the Obama administration’s policies open the doors for our political enemies — like Russia and China — to batter us with our own policies.

We have created our own biggest problem with the election of Barack Obama. In 2014 we have a chance to weaken his influence, but we’re going to have to work to get that done. Democrats have proved in 2008 and 2012 to not care about how bad their leaders are screwing things up; they still vote Democrat. So it’s up to us, committed conservatives, to get out and rally people together to vote against the destructive Obama regime. Rise up and win back our country.


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