The Common Core: A Trojan Horse to Unseat American Education

American families are on the war path…they have seen, close up and personal, their children struggling with the craziness of Common Core math and the anti-American pro-muslim US history text, History Alive!, data mining to gather personal information on students and families, as well as biometrics such as iris, DNA and other markers. The “Healthy Kids” sex survey for middle school students is of particular concern to parents, who feel the family’s prerogatives are being trampled by these intrusive inappropriate vulgar and overreaching questions sanctioned by the feds.

Parents are paying attention to their children’s worries and look closely at what has been foisted upon American families in schools. They want to know who made up these lessons, what are their qualifications and why did states go along with what is obviously not in the tradition of American education.

Like many imponderables…some of the answers may be money, money money. Would states get funding if they refused to go along?

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Common Core testing and textbooks make extensive use of computers and online materials…apparently such materials are being provided by one “textbook” company, and the testing, it appears, will be done on computers, eventually, at a cost.

News reports indicate Bill Gates has ponied up a couple of million to the project…it is rumored the computer systems to be used may be Microsoft.

An example of the growing grassroots opposition to the anti-Constitution federal takeover of schools was a second forum Nov. 17, 2014, at the Orange County Board of Education, Costa Mesa, CA, prompted by concerned citizens.

rotten common coreThe large crowd, heavily slanted toward opposition to Common Core, heard from four experts for each side…the opposition experts were funded for travel expenses by private citizens, headlined by the group Faithful Christian Servants, who, along with all taxpayers, also paid for the four experts hired by the board to support Common Core.

Faithful Christian Servants and other like-minded groups held a press conference prior to the Board of Education forum. The four opposing experts made brief comments.

They were all highly qualified with advanced academic degrees and experience in education formation. They were:

Karen Effrem, President, Education Liberty Watch; James Milgram, Standford University Mathematician and former Common Core Validation Committee; Sandra Stotsky, Professor Emerita, University of Arkansas, former Common Core Validation Committee and Zev Wurman, Former Senior Policy Advisor, US Dept. of Education.

Dr. Sandra Stotsky, an education expert, author of “The Death and Resurrection of a Coherent Literature Curriculum: What Secondary English Teachers Can Do,” was on the Common Core Validation Committee but refused to endorse the project. According to her it appears the Gates Foundation and other entities selected most of the key architects of the high-school level college-readiness standards.

Her “Common Core Facts” – a handout at the forum – states the records of meetings of those involved in the creation of CC are not available to the public. There were no open meetings with no information provided.

Dr. Stotsky outlined who created the program, their interconnections, and their lack of proper teaching experience.

In other words, it appears Common Core was created in secret by unknown, unvetted persons with input by Chicago terrorist Bill Ayers, the man who is said to have launched Barack Obama’s political career in Chicago.

After their individual brief press conference comments, a question was asked if the news-reported term for Common Core of “Orwellian” applied.

Dr. Sandra Stotsky immediately stepped to the podium to give her opinion: “I’ve stated (tonight) Common Core is psychologically manipulative. So I would say Common Core is “Orwellian.”

In fact, many across the nation, whose children have been thrown into this cauldron of cockamamie educational programs, devised by unknowns, may not know the term – Orwellian – or have read George Orwell’s books, “1984” and “Animal Farm.”  The books were cautionary tales of cleverly disguised totalitarian governments manipulating the population through a “Big Brother” facade.

America and its citizens were born to liberty, freedom and the rule of law.

Americans would have rejected Common Core if they saw it coming.

America and its citizens were born to liberty, freedom and the rule of law.

The Constitution does not entrust education to the federal government. In fact, Common Core violate three federal laws.

  1. Dept. of Education Organization Act
  2. General Education Provisions Act and
  3. Elementary and Secondary Act


For further information: “Common Core A Trojan Horse for Education Reform” by Orlean Koehle.

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