Mitch McConnell – GOP Must Unite On Fiscal Issues

Who knows what’s gotten into Mitch McConnell of late? He’s hired a Rand Paul conservative as his campaign manager, he’s meeting and greeting Tea Party patriots like he’s been one of them the entire time, and now he’s calling for GOP unity on the conservative side of spending! McConnell is suddenly looking like the dyed in the wool Republican that the grassroots always wished he was. Maybe it’s just politics as usual, and McConnell knows he has to move right if he wants to continue representing Kentucky in the Senate passed 2014… but maybe, just maybe, McConnell has “evolved” into a true blue tea party conservative.

The truth is that right now, it doesn’t matter.

Whatever his reasons, we need McConnell’s message to be heard and followed through with. Republicans throughout the House must be pressured to fall in line on spending issues. We must hold their feet to the fire and demand that they act like fiscal conservatives when it comes to spending and our future budget.

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One of the many reasons we Republicans find ourselves at such a big disadvantage on the national level is that we keep nominating moderates. Do the Democrats nominate moderates? Meanwhile, at the local and state level, we are continuing to grow and steamroll the Democrat Party by nominating conservatives. This is one major reason we continue to see an increasing disconnect between “newer” elected Republicans and the Republican Party leadership.

Republicans can retake the Senate in 2014 and mold the future of our nation and our economy if we can unify on fiscal issues. Republicans need to articulate a single message around the cutting spending, cutting taxes, shrinking government, and reinvigorating the economy. Republican-PartyThese are policy stances that Republicans should be able to agree on; and even more, these are policies that Republicans can win on. Americans are tired of the economic malaise of the last five years. They are tired of the government spending more and more money while the average American has less and less. They heard President Obama tell them that we needed to tighten our belts, but they saw that while they were tightening their belts, the government was gorging itself at the table of reckless spending. Americans are ready to get back to work and help spark our economic engine… they are just waiting for someone to take the lead.

Republicans, we can lead our economic recovery. We simply have to unify behind our proven economic principles.


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