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What We’re Reading August 10, 2013

We hope you’re having a great day wherever you are and that the news we dig up for you this morning helps you navigate the day more efficiently! It’s a busy world out there, and you don’t have a ton of free time to be doing Internet searches for the most important items of the day… lucky for you, we do. We drink gallons of coffee in an effort to stay awake long enough to scour the far reaches of the world wide web in an effort to bring you the most important, useful and useless information every single day. You’re welcome.

So without further ado, here’s what we’re reading Saturday August 10, 2013.

President Obama is lying again… I know, I know – what’s new? This time he is hyping Obamacare again and making the laughable claim that insurance prices will drop. Too bad CNN is now reporting that Floridians can expect to see a cost increase of 35% and Ohioans can look forward to a whopping 41% increase. So glad for lower costs, amirite?

Would you like some more humorous information from our “dear leader?” The President doesn’t just lie about healthcare, here we have him lying about the state of affairs within al-Qaeda and the war on terror. Al-Qaeda is “decimated,” donchaknow?

Oh by the way, will someone please let the folks in the mainstream media know that July 2013 was the deadliest month in Iraq since April of 2008. Apparently, now that President Bush isn’t in the Oval Office they just don’t care. The problem is how will President Obama  find out if they don’t report it?!

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has a great op-ed in the Washington Times where he decries a federal government that unilaterally decided that the American people would choose safety over liberty.

One House Democrat believes he has the votes to get the Gang of Eight Immigration bill through the House of Representatives.

Harry Reid is a terrible leader. He also happens to be a terrible historian; this week he compared the tea party to violent anarchists who “started World War I.” Yes, his idiocy knows no bounds.

MarijuanaAnother simple measure of how terrible our President is… more Americans than ever are renouncing their citizenship.

If you’re looking for the Obama’s… they’re on vacation… again.

Most Americans believe that marijuana should not be criminalized.

Eating raw garlic may cut the risk of getting lung cancer in half! Whoa. It may also cut the risk of getting a date in half…

Would you spend half a million dollars on a parking space? Me neither.

This will make for awkward holiday get together’s…


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