Donald Trump is a Terrible Republican

Ladies and gentlemen, I come before you today to beg your assistance on dealing with an issue that I see as a terrible blemish on the heart and soul of the Republican Party in 2013. That blight, that stain, that sordid spot is the man, Donald Trump. Now, I would not have you believe that I have any personal animus towards the uber-wealthy Mr. Trump… I do not. I don’t object to his riches, his fame, or his vast ego (well maybe I object to his ego a little bit). My objection to Donald Trump is rooted simply in politics, because you see, Donald Trump is a terrible Republican.

I’m not going to pick apart Mr. Trump’s views on philosophies on every issue, because when I say he’s a terrible Republican I don’t necessarily mean that our views on political issues today are worlds apart. I am dubious that Mr. Trump is as orthodox a Republican as he claims to be – not so long ago he was a Democrat. In fact, Mr. Trump has changed party identification the way most of us change clothes – early and often. Today, he says a lot of the right things, but I wouldn’t be too quick to buy any of what he’s selling.

Because of his frequent shifts on the issues, it’s almost impossible to pick apart his real Republican beliefs from the ones that he has adopted simply for utilitarian reasons.

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trump_hell_toupeeIn times past the Donald has espoused “tax the rich” schemes to help lower the debt. He has always been a protectionist when it comes to “free trade”, looking to force other countries into bad deals for our benefit, which is not at all free trade. He championed a 20% tariff on imports to “help” American businesses, which is another anti-free trade move, which in the end will hurt business competition instead of help it. He was once rabidly pro-choice, but changed his mind just in time for the 2012 primary season. He once argued for stricter prosecution of “hate” crimes, which lets face it, are simply crimes. Trump’s current views on political issues may sound Republican, but Chuck Todd isn’t far off when he calls Trump “one of the dumbest voices in politics.” Trump’s views are not to be trusted.

The most glaring problem with Mr. Trump, though, is his seeming lack of any moral compass that is not directed by profit. Don’t get me wrong, I think profit is great, but we should never choose to follow men or women who are driven by the bottom line. Politics is not business. Politics is civics. It is the confluence of ideas and people – working together to better society for everyone. Mr. Trump’s many moral failings have been stamped all over the news media for the better part of three decades and Republicans do not follow people like him. Let’s not sell ourselves short because he happens to talk a good game. It’s time we dump Donald Trump.


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