President Obama Caught in Leno Lie

President Obama recently faced his toughest critic when being interviewed by noted political watchdog, Jay Leno. Wait…what? I really want to talk about the bold-faced lie that the President let rip on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” However, don’t we first have to discuss what a failure our national media is when the harshest interview the President faces is from a comedian with a late night entertainment show? To be clear the interview definitely was not hostile, as Leno gave the President the benefit of the doubt on most issues and framed his questions in a very friendly manner. But the questions Leno posed were more revealing than anything the President has faced from “his” Washington media in months.

We have come to accept that much of our news media has a political bias; we have come to accept that the networks feel the need to entertain us and not just inform us, but there must be a line. We cannot be left to lay our hopes on late night entertainers to be our “guardians of truth and transparency.”

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All right – so now let’s get down to President Obama’s difficulties in telling the truth. The pertinent part comes right around the 48-second mark.

“We don’t have a domestic spying program… What we do have is some mechanisms that can track a phone number or an email address that is connected to a terrorist attack. … That information is useful.”

That’s a nice thought. It’s not true, but it’s a cute defense of what is, of course, a domestic spying program. The President would have liked us to remain naïve to the goings on of the NSA and their snooping of all of our electronic activity, but now that it’s out he is rigorously trying to shape the narrative over what is actually happening. Thankfully, some journalists are concerned with our rights as American citizens. The New York Times promptly demolished the President’s assertion that the NSA was simply “tracking data.”

“The National Security Agency is searching the contents of vast amounts of Americans’ e-mail and text communications into and out of the country, hunting for people who mention information about foreigners under surveillance, according to intelligence officials.

The N.S.A. is not just intercepting the communications of Americans who are in direct contact with foreigners targeted overseas, a practice that government officials have openly acknowledged. It is also casting a far wider net for people who cite information linked to those foreigners, like a little used e-mail address, according to a senior intelligence official.

While it has long been known that the agency conducts extensive computer searches of data it vacuums up overseas, that it is systematically searching — without warrants — through the contents of Americans’ communications that cross the border reveals more about the scale of its secret operations.

It also adds another element to the unfolding debate, provoked by the disclosures of Edward J. Snowden, the former N.S.A. contractor, about whether the agency has infringed on Americans’ privacy as it scoops up e-mails and phone data in its quest to ferret out foreign intelligence.”

obamaliesThe sad truth about facts, Mr. President, is that they can be checked. You can say “there is no domestic spying program,” but that doesn’t necessarily make it so. When a government agency is collecting and sifting through the data of millions of innocent Americans, we call that a domestic spying program. The worst part about your obvious fabrication is that it doesn’t even pass the “suck up” test – this is where your most energetic supporters try to defend you even though they know you are full of nonsense. For the suck up test, we turn to the infamous Van Jones and find that he can’t bring himself to support your lie.

“Everybody knows I love this president, but this is ridiculous,” said Jones. “We do have a spying program, and we need to figure out how to balance these out, not pretend like there’s no balancing to be done.”

When you can’t get your socialist sycophants to defend your wildly false claims – you’ve gone too far, Mr. President.

The President has proven over and over again to be a capricious liar who will not tell the truth unless it makes him look better. The worst part of this is that he actually seems to believe that no one will confront him on his lies. So far the media is proving him right — perhaps as these lies pile up, some honest soul will begin looking for the truth and asking the hard questions.

Let me leave you with Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) tearing apart the President’s “no spying” claim.

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