The Secret Influence of Same-Sex Marriage on the 2014 Midterm Elections

This may shock you but I think one of the main things that lost the Democrats the election was same sex marriage and its concomitant, letting same sex parents adopt little, innocent children. The fact that society has abandoned its standards and accepted opposite viewpoints towards its traditions does not mean that we all accept reinterpretations of the world.  Whether we are religious or historically moral, we find it hard to countenance same sex marriage.

The liberals think that we are prejudiced just because we see the aesthetic horrors of same sex marriage. Liberals think that disliking same sex marriage is a prejudice rather than an aesthetic, fundamental decision.  They think that is a crime rather than attitude.  Bigotry has become a hideous word to our simpleminded monolithically liberal friends.

Democrats want to be their own version of open-minded, like an eight ball in the pocket. They cue up and slam the ball at anyone who disagrees with their progressive weak mindedness.

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Many of these faux liberals who pretend to admire gayness have admitted to me that they can’t stand men kissing men or women making out with women in front of them.  They secretly have an instinctive aversion to overt gayness and displays of homosexual romance.

gaymobNatural is as natural does.  A bull has intercourse with a cow not a goat.  I could see the barnyard laughing at a duck having sex with a horse.  Be real.  Not every version is the real deal.  We don’t all have the heart of the real deal Evander Holyfield.

I have said for years that gay pride and gay displays of affection would eventually undermine their cause.  Once again gays have become hysterical and gone too far.  They have hurt themselves.  They are good people but they don’t know how to sell themselves.  Their advertising is threatening.  They should take a seat in the back row and enjoy the movie of real life from a distance. We should go back to “Don’t ask, don’t tell” instead of tell and alienate.

When heterosexuals go into the voting booth they think—“Do we really want a party that supports gay marriage?” No, and that’s why the Republicans got so many votes and swept the election.

Homosexuals are good people but they should understand in our heart of hearts that we find their perversion noxious.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t like gays as people but we find their behavior difficult to witness.  Like the Democrats who pushed everything too far and partially lost the 2014 midterm elections because of their attitude toward gay marriage and their radical arrogance. The gays have pushed their odd unnaturalness too far.

Homosexuality is odd and unnatural and the gays shouldn’t put their weirdness in our faces.  They shouldn’t be proud but ashamed vis-a-vis heterosexuals.  That doesn’t mean that they can’t live happy, fulfilling lives.  It just means that they have to recognize boundaries, that we are here and they are there and being offended by each other doesn’t mean that we can’t allow each other to be what we be but we shouldn’t flaunt it.

Obama has promoted gay marriage, Ebola, Isis, terrorism, spying, the failure of the Veterans’ Administration, our dependency on foreign oil, a decrease in blacks, women and middle class incomes as well as divisiveness. He has increased racism and reverse racism.

While Obama’s results are horrific I don’t believe that he is malicious.  I believe that he confuses the means with the ends and would rather attempt a good deed than create a positive result. He practices the short term hedonism of feeling good about trying to be good rather than the long term hedonism of getting pleasure out of good results.

He went from a rock star to a rock at the bottom of a lake.  His arrogant failure is our woe and we are doggie paddling in the waters of his mistakes.

When he won his first presidential election he said that elections have consequences implying his dictatorial reign.  Well, the same comment goes back at him.  He probably imagined his face on Mt. Rushmore.  It is falling into the lap of his own conceited mistakes.

And his promotion of gay marriage has blasted a hole in the fabric of our institutions.  He has done so many other things wrong.  But this is the surreptitious shovel digging out the foundation of his simpleminded politics.

I know it is dangerous to criticize same sex marriages.  The lying liberals are as strongly against it as they used to be against southern bigotry.  They are stupid.  They don’t know of what they speak. And they secretly side with their antagonists.  So their guilt makes them hate us more.

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David Lawrence

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