Why Choose Republican?

Some of the most repetitive advice we get here at Eagle Rising is that we should stop supporting one party over the other because both parties are destroying our country. I don’t disagree with that premise completely. I think that there are Republican politicians who are causing more harm than good to our nation. I think politicians like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Olympia Snowe and Mitt Romney are willing to give too much ground to Democrats in their compromises. I believe that far too often the legislation offered up by moderate Republicans is actually Democratic proposals that lead to more “progressive” policies. These candidates are too willing to raise taxes, raise spending and fund “pork” projects for their home districts on the backs of our tax dollars.

All of that being said, I believe the Republican Party is much more aligned with the ideals which can lead us to prosperity. Free market and free people principles.

Traditionally, the Republican Party has been more closely aligned to free trade, lower taxes and greater competition in the market. The party has drifted from that somewhat – we have become more protectionist, we have participated in making regulations overbearing, and have helped the liberals to drive business from our borders. We must reacquire our fondness of competition. Lower taxes mean more businesses, which means more jobs, which means greater prosperity. Regulate what “needs” regulation and allow the consumer to handle the rest…consumers make brilliant regulators because they are the ones paying for the product. Not sure about this? Just surf over to Amazon.com and read the customer reviews.

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Republican-PartyBy and large, the Republican Party argues that people should be responsible for themselves – we should have the right to do with our bodies as we see fit without the nanny state telling us what to do. (Hello, Mayor Bloomberg) That, of course, does not lend itself to all areas as the Party’s social conservatism abuts some individual freedoms. In general however, the orthodox Republican is looking for less government intervention in their personal life. Think guns, private property, land use, religious practices and more.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons to support the Republicans over the Democrats.

My point in all this is that while there may be days that I entertain the idea of jumping ship for a more conservative 3rd Party – the Republican Party is still the best chance we have to turn the titanic of state towards conservative principles. We must, as voters, begin to separate the wheat from the chaff and send home the squishy Republicans who so often advance the goals of the Democrats as opposed to the goals of conservatism. If we can begin (and we already have) winning the local and state elections, the national ones will come next.

Stay the course, conservative friends – we can still win this fight.

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