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Matt Damon Makes the Case for Free Market Education

Now even the liberals are getting it . . .  sort of.

Some are calling it hypocrisy, and perhaps it is. Multi-millionaire actor Matt Damon, a Marxist and long-time advocate of that plank in the Communist Manifesto known as public schooling, has just revealed that his recent move to New York left him “no choice” but to pull his children out of public schools.

Granted, his reasoning is entirely backward from what we can respect. The Guardian relates,

“[U]ltimately we don’t have a choice. I mean, I pay for a private education and I’m trying to get the one that most matches the public education that I had, but that kind of progressive education no longer exists in the public system. It’s unfair.”

If you think having to pay for your own extremism is “unfair,” you might be a Marxist. Or maybe even a run-of-the-mill liberal.

While the average person easily detects hypocrisy here, that’s really not the biggest issue. He is not saying he would never use public education, or that no one should ever have the choice while he does the opposite. He’s actually lamenting what he believes is a decline in liberalism in education, and he earnestly believes, I think, that this can be laid at the feet of Bush’s “No child left behind.” Seeing the system adversely affected by dreaded conservative influences, such as teachers’ pay being pegged to children’s test performance, he’s got no choice but to seek a more progressive alternative.

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