Job Numbers in the Obama Economy

Here at Eagle Rising we have some great readers who follow the news, both political and cultural, like a sports fan at a big game. We even have some folks who completely disagree with most everything written on our pages, but love to hang around to tell us what we’re doing wrong. In short, we love our readers because they keep on choosing us, even when they don’t agree with what they’re reading.

Well, one of our faithful followers like to continually boast about President Obama’s record of job creation. At Eagle Rising we like to call guys like him eternal optimists, because he takes consistently terrible news and acts like the President has just made fresh squeezed lemonade. So let’s take a look at the Obama economy.

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Now as you can plainly see, we have had steady job creation since somewhere in 2009. However, you will also notice that job creation has remained at around 200K or less each month. Here’s an important tidbit – just to keep up with population growth — the US economy must add around 100K jobs every month. Every month. That’s about where we have been for the last 4 years. 200K jobs a month equal a stagnant economy.

Obamazombies use this chart (and others like it) to defend their messiah. This chart absolutely does no such thing; this chart is an indictment of the worst economic leader in the nation’s history. This chart is indicative of the reasons some economists tell us that our recent Great Recession (and it’s recovery) are worse even than the Great Depression. Our “recovery” over the last 5 years has actually been worse than most of the recessions we’ve faced as a nation in our history!

See, what this chart doesn’t do is measure the amount of people leaving the work force. If we add those folks to our numbers, things look a whole lot scarier.

Just an example of how the government’s “official” way of doing things makes the President look better – let’s just take a look at the recently released July job numbers.

In July, we added 162K jobs and the unemployment rate dropped from (roughly) 7.6% to 7.4%. Does that seem aggressive to you? If it does, you would be right. We also had roughly 37K people leave the job market altogether, which allowed the government to swing the numbers even more into the President’s favor, even though losing potential workers isn’t a good thing.

“Most of the decline in unemployment was due to more people getting jobs but part of it was due to a slight fall off in the labor force, a signal of not-too-strong labor demand.” ‘The stubbornly slow job growth left 11.5 million people unemployed, with another 8.2 million part-time employees unsuccessfully looking to add more hours to their work week. Among the unemployed, 4.2 million have been unsuccessfully seeking work for 6 months or more.”

However, many of you will find (as we have) that arguments from fact, logic, and reason often do not sway your average Obamazombie. We find that a deluge of information is the best way to get the fervent Obamaphile to beat a hasty retreat.

With that in mind, I would leave you with one more interesting piece of information on our current economic standing.

Full Part time_0

In 2013 we have added almost 1 Million new jobs to our economy and over 77% of them are of the part-time variety! That is the Obama economy for you folks… the unemployment rate has dropped thanks to the part-time job market.

2103 Full Part time_2

So when it comes to our economy don’t let the left use their flashy graphs to fool you. The left knows that most Americans are fully aware that this economy is in ruins, so they will attempt to distract you with colorful graphs that say nothing. The best way to combat their obfuscation of the truth about our economy is to arm ourselves with the truth of the situations. But – don’t expect them to change their minds just because you have pesky things like facts… their religious devotion to their leader is just too strong.

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