Tom Graves: “Defunding Obamacare Needs You!”

Representative Tom Graves (R-GA) has joined with Senatorial colleagues Mike Lee (R-UT) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) to begin an effort to defund Obamacare. A majority of his Republican House colleagues have given their consent to support the bill, and in Graves words, the legislation meets the “Hastert Rule.”[1]

Now the Senate Republicans need to work on a few Democrat Senators who can be swayed into supporting the legislation.

The road ahead for those who would defund Obamacare is not easy. However, Congressman Graves remains optimistic about the outcome of the fight. He and Senator Cruz believe that this is our last, best hope to rid ourselves of the albatross of Obamacare.

The most important thing now in Rep. Graves opinion, is for Americans all over the country to confront their representatives as they go home on the legislative break.

“There’s never been a more important time than in going into this August recess for Americans to begin sharing their stories with their members of Congress or with the media or through social networking of how this law has impacted them… There a lot of stories we hear from our district where individuals’ hours have been cut. They were full time up until a week or two ago. Now they’ve been cut down to part time hour in order for the businesses to comply with the law… These stories need to be shared. If they see their premiums rising, we know it’s happening here, we need to hear those stories. If they’ve seen their insurance canceled or that it’s not going to be available, share that.”

gravesdefundThe more pressure we apply on our representatives, the more uncomfortable they will be supporting Obamacare, and the more pressure that will exert on the President as he stands alone defending his legacy. Pressure on the President seems to be the key, from Rep. Graves’ perspective. “It appears the president has had a lot of influence on him, or persuasion from, the business community… He’s taking care of them not only through the delay of the employer mandate but also the waivers that he’s provided to a lot of them. He’s leaving hard-working Americans to feel the full blunt of this law.”

Let’s join together with Representative Graves, Senator Cruz, and Senator Lee to support their efforts to defund the worst piece of legislation in fifty years. Obamacare must be destroyed if we want to leave a legacy of prosperity and opportunity for our children.

Call your local, state and national representatives today and voice your concerns, fears, and distaste for Obamacare. Tell them you won’t be voting for them in the next election unless they stand up and fight the monstrosity that is Obamacare.


  1. The Hastert Rule says that the House leader will only bring legislation up for a vote if a majority of the majority Party supports it. []

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