The Common Core is Unconstitutional


Has Tony Soprano’s Taken Over?

Common Core, the current stealth program, is under scrutiny.

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Deservedly so.

Aside from being viewed by some legal opinions as unconstitutional, it may, in fact, be incompatible with American values and ideals. Thoughtful parents are highly troubled. Of course, some associated with education groups have thrown in their support. After all, keeping on the right side ensures job security. Nonetheless, parents are not biased in favor of anything but their children’s moral and academic well-being.

Created outside the spotlight of public inquiry, Common Core bears hallmarks of a somewhat Frankensteinian aspect of deception and secrecy. How did it spring unheralded onto unsuspecting U.S. communities without so much as a town hall meeting or vote?

So far, the lapdog leftist media has focused on the convoluted crazy math programs, which may be intended. So far the goofy math has acted as a freakish sideshow, diverting serious inquiry into other obscure aspects of the program which some find out of sync with American ethos.

commoncore10thSomething called “data mining,” which sounds Orwellian, will provide psychological tracking of unidentified students, for unclear purposes. Perhaps to develop training materials to better interact with individuals’ thought habits and inclinations. Sounds like something never found in “Dick and Jane.”

Parents in Irvine, California, are opposing the history text, “HistoryAlive!” which includes altered history and current activities of Islam. Children, and others in the community, are being given tours of mosques. However, no such program or instruction is offered for the Christian and Jewish religions. Children do not take field trips to learn about Catholic churches or Jewish temples…only the Muslim mosques. Attentive families find this unsettling.

“HistoryAlive!” entails an anti-American slant, not surprising given that one of those involved in Common Core is Chicago domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, the man who launched the political career of Barrack Obama years ago, and never served jail time for blowing up buildings.

The textbook portrays significant world events in skewed anti-American fashion, popular with the leftist/Marxists, attempting to diminish America’s admirable role as a champion of freedom and liberty, having saved the world – twice – in the past century.

Then there’s something about a personal student questionnaire called the California Healthy Kids Survey which questions twelve and thirteen year olds on sexual orientation – highly objectionable by parents who demand to retain those rights with their children.

It is unlikely concerned parents would be delighted to think that people such terrorist Bill Ayers, and other Chicago Democratic operatives, as well as Ayers’ associate, Linda Darling Hammond, education professor at Stanford, who is alleged to favor Marxism, were deciding what their children were to learn. Nonetheless, that is what Common Core does.

The persons involved in creating and writing Common Core include British citizen, Michael Barber, who admires the concept of global citizenship, in opposition to allegiance to any one nation. He heads up Pearson Foundation, with 36,000 employees in 70 nations, a near monopoly having taken over many education publishing companies. Pearson is the main publisher of CC curriculum e-books and also the currently unknown “assessments” (tests).

This copyrighted program, assembled by persons flying under the radar, including David Coleman, who runs the College Board and American College Testing (ACT), proposes a lock of curriculum through the requirements to teach to the questions which will appear on ACT, etc. News reports of late indicate some colleges are considering abandoning use of these tests.

Children_of_the_Common_CoreThe heightened revulsion of Common Core has moved to the forefront of public outrage. Parents are disturbed by many aspects of the program being forced upon their children, with “assessments” (tests) still unknown as to content.

The perpetrators of the program wish the public to believe it is a States-led universally accepted program. Nothing could be farther from fact. States had nothing to do with the writing of the program. It is widely stated governors were “favored” with stimulus money or were incentivized with other means to go along. The truth is the States had nothing to do with the writing of CC, and it is not State-led.

Some legal scholars have asserted, with hopes of a lawsuit, Common Core is in violation of the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and three federal laws.

The 10th Amendment states that anything not “delegated” to the federal government in the Constitution, is “reserved to the States respectively or to the people.” The Founding Fathers specifically left out education to ensure it would be left to States and local control.

At an Orange County (California) Board of Education meeting, Monday, October 20, 2014, a law professor and nationally syndicated radio talk show host put it to members of the board in this fashion:

If you watched the TV show The Sopranos, this (the power grab of education by various entities aligned with the federal government) is like Tony Soprano walking into a store in his neighborhood…and telling the owner…Tony Soprano now owns this store.”

The federal government has taken over the health industry with ObamaCare, causing massive chaos and detrimental consequences to millions of Americans…various agencies such as EPA, and others, are imposing regulations which impede citizens’ interests.

Common Core has the potential to control and shape children’s beliefs, patriotism, citizenship and moral outlook on their country and political policies in a manner unlike what has gone before.

common coreIt also has the potential to generate enormous profits, as the computer testing will be at a cost. It is said Bill Gates put up two hundred million for the project – and Microsoft will be the computer programs of choice.

Citizens want to know: Who are the people who created Common Core? Who gave them the authority to unhinge current US public school education?

What qualifications do they have to do such a wholesale realignment of education in the US? Why were Chicago domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, and other Chicago Democratic operatives, given important roles in its creation?

What consequences – intended and otherwise – are lurking waiting to ambush parents and students alike?

At the board’s public forum were parents and grandparents, concerned members of the community. One such group represented at the gathering, Faithful Christian Servants, has been working for over a year to gather public support against the Common Core. Their monthly public comments at the board meetings were instrumental in the board voting to hold the public forum in Costa Mesa, CA, with another planned for November 17.

The opponents of Common Core held a press conference before the meeting but were apparently misidentified not as concerned parents but as “tea party” people…these days “tea party” is a label not far off from child-pornographer or worse.

As the leftist media has failed to fully vet and illuminate the creation of this weird overhaul of ALL EDUCATION IN THE UNITED STATES parents are taking the reins.

To learn more: Go to: click on the link labeled – “A Closer Look at Common Core” to view and/or download the tri-fold panel brochure. Another website with a treasure trove of information can be found here, for even more information watch the online movie about Common Core, and how the only Math professor (Dr. James Milgram) and English professor (Dr. Sandra Stotsky) on the vetting committee voted against its implementation and are now speaking out against Common Core.

Thomas Paine

Saving America as Founded

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