Obama’s Disgusting Dismissal and Phony Scandals

For the last couple of weeks, the Democrats and the liberal media have been trying to advance the notion that the scandals the administration has faced over the past couple of months have been phony scandals. For most of this time, the left has not had the intestinal fortitude to be specific about which scandals happen to be phony. Well, the disgusting “partisan wonder” himself, Jay Carney, has finally vocalized which scandals the President believes are “phony scandals.” The President believes the IRS scandal and the Benghazi scandal are both “phony’ — that the Republican Party has trumped up these accusations for political purposes.

Disgusting. This makes me want to puke.

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The Obama administration is displaying an amazing amount of hubris in their stomach-turning attempts to try and paint the Benghazi and IRS scandals as “phony.”

Let’s start with the IRS scandal, which the Democrats have been working fiercely to spin as a nonissue. The Democrats have attempted to use the fact that an IRS Be On the Lookout For (BOLO) form happened to mention progressive words, as proof that the IRS was not targeting conservatives. Their stance is tenuous, because if liberal groups were not targeted… then they are admitting this is a scandal. Every day more proof escapes from D.C. showing that liberal groups suffered no ill treatment, while dozens of conservative groups faced extra unwanted government attention. Charlie Martin at the PJ Tatttler put together a great list of links proving that both the IRS and the Obama administration have already admitted that this is a scandal.

The Benghazi scandal being called “phony” is even more nauseating, as it minimizes the assassinations of four American citizens in the line of duty. There are several “angles” for us to consider as we analyze the events surrounding Benghazi as a scandal. First, why was our embassy left so unprotected even after several requests by our ambassador to Libya that security be increased? Secondly, why didn’t we move to send support as soon as we knew the embassy was under attack? Some reports seem to indicate there may have been time to help those folks in the embassy. FAKEThirdly, why were we misled in the week following the attack? We now know that the intelligence community knew this was a terrorist attack perpetrated by al-Qaeda within hours of the attack. To some of us observing from the outside, it seems that people in the President’s entourage wanted to minimize the political fallout from the attack to guard the President from blowback so close to the election. Fourth, why was an innocent citizen scapegoated as the reason for the attack? The government knew almost immediately that the attack was a planned terrorist attack and that the anti-Islam movie “Innocence of Muslim’s” had nothing to do with the attack. However, our government kept pretending that the movie was the catalyst to the attack for over a week. The callous scapegoating put a man (and his family) in danger, as well as misled the entire nation from the true nature of the attack. Fifth, we still can’t get a clear answer as to why we were misled for so long. It’s been almost a year now, and no one can explain (logically) how they kept running out this lie for over a week, even though they knew it was a lie the day of the attack.

There may very well be other angles to the Benghazi attack that could be scandalous… but honestly, isn’t five enough?

The point of this little exercise is to show that yes, both of these scandals are “real” scandals, and no leftist spin can change that. The President, his cronies, and the media can dance all they want… but any honest observer knows these are scandals. To call them anything less is immoral and sickening.


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