The TSA is Worse Than Ever

There is a very real reason that federal employees are the butt of so many jokes – the government can do the jobs that the private sector does… only worse.

Think of your “favorite” government agencies.

Do you have them in mind?

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Maybe you were thinking about the luxurious conditions to be found while you wait at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Or were you just thinking about how much you love spending your entire day sitting in the DMV office waiting to be served?

Perhaps you were thinking about the last time you needed to mail a package from the post office, and you had to carry that heavy box while you waited in that long line, only to arrive at the counter and realize that you had filled something in wrong so you’d have to head to the back of the line. Perhaps you love how the Post Office is only open when you’re at work.

If you’ve ever ridden on AmTrak you know just how efficient and inexpensive government rail travel can be! You probably love paying $10 dollars for a bad warmed over cheeseburger.

How about government construction projects? You know, the guys who build the roads we drive on – the ones you notice when you drive by because one guy is digging a hole and three others are watching. These are the guys who make road projects that are supposed to last a month somehow only take 3 months.

Well, my favorite government agency is the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). I love how they get too close for comfort when I try to fly. I love how they do everything slowly and inefficiently, I love how they sometimes look through and even steal my personal belongings!

Of course… all of this is tongue in cheek. All of the above government agencies have horrific reputations for waste, inefficiency, customer service, and poor service in general.

A new report is out telling us that things at the TSA are even worse than we thought. In fact the TSA is worse than ever.  A new study completed by the Government Accountability Office says that instances of misconduct at the TSA climbed by 26% between 2010 and 2012. That’s a huge uptick in instances of employee malfeasance at the TSA and it’s more proof that the TSA is just another agency that needs to be shuttered.

TSA on the jobAll of the agencies I mentioned above suffer from the same endemic problems. There is no profit motive. There is no reason for the agencies to better themselves because they will continue to operate for the foreseeable future whether or not they make any money. How will they do this? Be living as vampires off of taxpayers. AmTrak is running over a $4 Billion deficit, but they aren’t worried about being shut down, because you will continue to pay to keep their lights on and their trains running.

It’s time to close the doors at the TSA, AmTrak and the USPS. All three of these agencies can be operated more efficiently and at a fraction of the cost if we allow private enterprise to handle their operations. FedEx and UPS are already proving this with mail delivery. (The DMV and local government services involve more complicated answers, unfortunately.) The work done by the TSA can be hired out to private security firms who have an interest in doing their jobs well while making the customers happy. The same can be said about AmTrak.

Americans like to pretend that we have a free market system, that we see capitalism operating unfettered here in the USA. Well, we don’t. The government is intimately involved in many areas of our economy where they should not be, and it only creates waste and corruption. Let’s get the government out of our businesses.


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